Stadium events were once limited by physical interactions and traditional paper ticketing methods. Now, thanks to LISNR’s Radius SDK, merchants and attendees have the chance to experience unprecedented opportunities during live events.

Radius enables proximity verification and contactless transactions, including offline data transmission for payments, merchants, mobility and ticketing companies, thereby transforming the overall stadium experience. Let’s explore the profound impact of data-over-sound technology on live events for attendees, merchants, ticketing companies and even performers.


1. Safety and Security with Contactless Interactions

LISNR’s near-ultrasonic data-over-sound technology is poised to revolutionize the stadium experience in countless ways. With the flexibility to support encryption, cryptography, key exchange alongside full duplex, and multi-channel features, we can enable the most secure transmission method for live stadium events.

By facilitating secure, contactless interactions through mobile devices, Radius has become a key player in ensuring the safety of attendees. Whether it’s engaging with vendors, event organizers, or fellow fans, Radius allows users to seamlessly connect through their smartphones, reducing the need for physical contact.

This breakthrough enhances the overall stadium experience and increases digital loyalty, allowing fans to enjoy the event without safety concerns.

2. Real-Time Access to Information with Data Over Sound

Live events are dynamic, and attendees often seek real-time information to maximize their experience. From event schedules to vendor offerings and product promotions, attendees find gratification in having instant access to information.

Data-over-sound technology empowers vendors to fulfill this need swiftly. Attendees receive real-time updates directly on their devices, keeping them informed and engaged. No longer do they need to hunt for schedules or miss out on exciting promotions. It’s all at their fingertips.

3. Streamlined and Convenient Purchasing

Merchants and vendors at live events are embracing data-over-sound technology to revolutionize the purchasing process. There are many benefits to using a secure and scalable software solution like LISNR Radius to process payments at live events.

The days of fumbling for cash or keeping track of printed receipts are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Attendees can make mobile payments and transactions seamlessly, increasing digital loyalty and redefining convenience. Vendors can offer digital receipts that provide an online record of transactions and eliminate the need for hardware. It’s a win – win situation for all parties involved.

4. Increased Engagement Through Interactive Experiences

Event organizers are harnessing data-over-sound technology to engage attendees in interactive and memorable experiences. The possibilities are limitless, from stadium-wide scavenger hunts to location-based games. Attendees embark on digital adventures that encourage exploration, and they are rewarded with digital incentives.

These types of interactive experiences redefine fan engagement and also empower artists to engage with their fans, leaving a lasting impact and creating unforgettable moments.

5. Targeted Marketing and Product Promotions

Optimized for long range control and reliability of data transmission, LISNR Radius enables merchants to target the right audience with personalized promotional offers upon entry. With its one-to-many long range ultrasonic data transfer (SDK) and ability to form a connection between devices greater than ten feet, Radius helps improve digital recognition, ad redemption and product redemption for merchants.

One such example would be the ability for venues to place transmitters and/or receivers all around a concert arena to identify where people are inside the stadium, using location-based targeting to send relevant messages. Maybe ones like, “Buy One Get One hotdogs,” for an attendee located near a hotdog vendor, or “Head back to your assigned seats for the next performance.”

Radius can also be used to send attendees tailored promotions that cater to their unique preferences, making the stadium experience more enjoyable and personalized.

6. Enhancing Security with Access Control

Safety and security are paramount at live events, and transmitting data over sound contributes to a more secure environment. Event organizers like Ticketmaster, implement LISNR’s near ultrasonic data over sound technology for access control, allowing attendees to use their mobile devices to safely and securely gain entry into a venue.

Consumers gain faster entry to their favorite music or sporting event, while companies like Ticketmaster can identify who attends each event, reducing fraud. It also helps the company control scalping of unused tickets. The stadium experience becomes not only more enjoyable but also safer, reducing the risk of counterfeit tickets or passes and ensuring peace of mind.

7. Harnessing Data for Continuous Improvement

Data-over-sound technology isn’t just a tool for engagement; it’s a valuable resource for gathering insights. Vendors and organizers collect data in real-time, learning fan behaviors and preferences, enabling them to make informed decisions and continually enhance the stadium experience for future events.

8. Streamlining Queues and Reducing Congestion

Long queues at vendor booths and entrances can be a source of frustration for attendees at live events. Data-over-sound technology streamlines digital interactions and transactions, reducing wait times and congestion. Attendees can navigate the event smoothly, making the stadium experience more enjoyable from start to finish.

9 Enhance Your Next Stadium Event with LISNR Radius

Event organizers are now empowered to create customized experiences for attendees based on their preferences and behaviors. Whether it’s personalized food recommendations, product promotions, or tips for navigating the venue, LISNR’s near-ultrasonic data over sound technology makes it possible.


The Radius SDK is not just an innovation; it’s a game-changer for the stadium experience. We are revolutionizing the overall experience of live events, making them more secure, convenient, and enjoyable. Contact Us today for the power to increase revenue, reduce costs and improve the customer journey.

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