The Leading Ultrasonic Proximity Platform

LISNR® is the leading ultrasonic proximity platform, enabling secure and seamless data transmission. Via a secure and scalable software solution, LISNR® sends micro-communications using sound between devices on standard speakers and microphones.

Sound is Better.

In 2012, one single belief brought LISNR’s founders together: ultrasonic audio is better. These individuals understood the growing need for a device- and platform-independent solution for sending short communication back and forth at the software level. They believed that companies shouldn’t have to spend on costly hardware or processes to drive more friction-less and connected experiences.

To fill the need, they developed the idea of a software solution for encoding data into inaudible tones. On a three-day, SXSW-bound, Cincinnati StartupBus, LISNR® was born, pitched, and moved to a seed round. Over the past 7 years, LISNR has raised over $35M and pioneered many advancements in ultrasonic technology, ultimately driving its usage in payments today.

LISNR®: The Leading Ultrasonic Proximity Platform

LISNR® powers merchants, financial service providers, and mobility enterprises, enabling them to create better customer authentication experiences. From seamless mobile payments and loyalty initiatives to connected car and mobility authentication, we empower companies to deliver the experience their customers desire and deserve.

Our data-over-sound solution has powered 100M+ experiences since 2012, used by Fortune 100 companies across millions of devices and use cases. It’s patented and proven with the earliest filing of any comparable provider. Backed by Visa, Intel, JLR, Synchrony Financial, and Metro/Target, you can trust that LISNR® isn’t only the pioneer, but the leader.

Our Team

    "LISNR continues to deliver new ways to use data-over-audio to support payments and other financial services use cases, and we’re excited to explore this technology with them."

    - Neeraj Mehta, Executive Vice President, Business Strategy and Development at Synchrony Financial

    "Lisnr is one of the most compelling technologies we've seen in this space, and we believe working with them will bring us closer to our goals of complete car and device connectivity."

    - Danielle Alexander, General Manager at Jaguar Land Rover

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