• Diversity is a strength and use this to our advantage
  • We promote Diversity of thought and background; this allows us to find unique solutions to problems and better serve our customers
  • We appreciate and acknowledge our differences - when we celebrate the nuances of the individual, we are able to celebrate the strengths while acknowledging differences
  • We are free to be our authentic selves
  • We are free from the constraints of being someone (or something) we are not
  • We encourage individual self-expression
  • We encourage the internal sharing of meaningful company information
  • Transparency breeds trust
  • Trust is the foundation of great teamwork
  • Provides team members the tools needed to make informed decisions
  • Employees are able to safely express ideas openly within the company
Work/Life Balance
  • Work hard, Unplug, Recharge. Repeat.
  • When you take care of yourself and others, it is reflected in your work and productivity
  • Willing to explore the unknown
  • It’s an attitude and approach to thinking that actively seeks out change, rather than waiting to adapt to change
  • It’s a mindset that embraces critical questioning, service and continuous improvement
Practice autonomy with accountability
  • We embrace the idea of approaching situations where you feel empowered, motivated, and capable of taking things into your own hands
  • We provide employees with clear and achievable company and position related goals
  • We encourage employees to not only see problems, solutions and opportunities, but to come up with ideas to do something about them
  • Clear ownership empowers an unambiguous autonomy
  • Autonomy is showcased in how we get work done
  • We do not prescribe strict guidelines, but we expect accountability with yourself and your team in mind
  • Behave ethically, honestly, and fairly
  • Represent ourselves and our product honestly

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