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Looking for a New Career? Join the LISNR Team.

Discover where cutting-edge technology meets impactful work. Let’s innovate together.

Our Values

Our values guide us in delivering cutting-edge solutions and fostering a collaborative, inclusive workplace.


We believe diversity is a strength and use it to our advantage by promoting diverse thoughts and backgrounds, finding unique solutions to problems, and better serving our customers.

We appreciate and acknowledge our differences, celebrating individual nuances and collective strengths.


We believe in exploring the unknown with an attitude that seeks out change rather than waiting to adapt.

Innovation embraces critical questioning, service, and continuous improvement, driving us to consistently push boundaries and improve our solutions.


We believe in being our authentic selves, free from the constraints of being someone or something we are not.

We encourage individual self-expression and work to foster an environment where everyone feels valued, empowered, and able to be genuine.


We empower our team members to approach situations with motivation and capability, providing clear and achievable goals.

We encourage employees to identify problems, solutions, and opportunities, taking ownership of their ideas with accountability to oneself and the team.


We believe in the internal sharing of meaningful company information, as transparency breeds trust and is the foundation of great teamwork.

This provides team members with the tools to make informed decisions and safely express ideas openly within the company.


We believe in behaving ethically, honestly, and fairly, representing ourselves and our product with integrity.

Our commitment to these values ensures that we build trust and maintain credibility with our customers, partners, and within our team, fostering long-term relationships.

Work/Life Balance

We believe in the importance of work/life balance: work hard, unplug, recharge, and repeat.

When you take care of yourself and others, it is reflected in your work and productivity, leading to a more fulfilling and effective work environment for everyone.

Open Positions

Our values guide us in delivering cutting-edge solutions and fostering a collaborative, inclusive workplace.

LISNR offers cutting-edge technology solutions that transform mobile and desktop platforms into secure, seamless connectivity interfaces. As a Sales Engineer, you’ll play a pivotal role in demonstrating and integrating our technology with potential clients’ systems to drive our business forward.

Reporting to the Head of Growth, the Sales Engineer is responsible for aligning LISNR technology with potential customers’ business needs. This role involves handling highly customizable solutions across various platforms, each uniquely configured to meet individual customer requirements. You will provide technical support during sales processes and lead demonstrations to showcase the value of LISNR technology.