Person Present. Proven.

With the Most Advanced Ultrasonic
(Data-Over-Sound) Platform

Contactless Authentication

LISNR's ultrasonic data-over-sound technology enables proximity verification & contactless transactions for merchants, financial service providers and mobility companies.



Flexibility to support encryption, cryptography, key exchange alongside full duplex, multi-channel features, we can enable the most secure transmission method.


Our clients have complete control of their data transmission experience based on their transport layer and business model.


Customizable performance range from a few centimeters to many meters with best in class transmission reliability and confirmation.


Faster and more seamless authentication experiences enabled with the combination of range and experience control.


Flexibility to support favorable transaction fee and cost structures in payment experiences due to security & control.

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Trust Comes First at LISNR

Since 2012, LISNR has worked with Fortune 100 companies across millions of devices and use cases. We have a global patent portfolio with the earliest filing of any comparable provider. LISNR has full development across the global market.

CNBC Disruptor 50 List

To celebrate our being named to the #Disruptor50 List, we are offering our Retail Payments Customer Journey Whitepaper for free for a limited time. #TeamLISNR