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Secure payment & proximity based experience across the retail customer journey

Point Authentication

1:1 Authentication between
devices up to 3ft.

Optimized for close range reliability and security

Use in combination with Radius to enable early identification alongside a Point authentication

Radius Engagement

Mid range proximity

Optimized for long range reliability and performance

Radius SDK can enable security identification to loyalty couponing

Zone Authentication

Concurrent authentication
up to 10ft

Optimized for zone based reliability and security

Requires LISNR acceptance device (LAD)

Use Cases

Mobile Checkout
Curbside Checkout
Kiosk Checkout
In-Store Pickup



We enable device agnostic transmission and software allowing client control of the experience, transport layer & business model.

Flexibility to support encryption, cryptography, key exchange alongside full duplex, multi-channel features, we can enable the most secure transmission method.
Faster & more seamless checkout experiences enabled with the combination of range and experience control.
Flexibility to support favorable transaction fee and cost structures in payment experiences due to security & control.


Point SDK

Radius SDK

Experience LISNR’s Ultrasonic Technology in Action
The world we live in is changing quickly. Contactless solutions are not going to be perceived as a luxury, but an absolute necessity. As new social norms centered around social distancing become more and more prevalent, companies will be forced to appeal to these new consumer demands, or risk being deemed as negligent or unsafe.


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