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Enabling Connected Experiences Using Data-Over-Sound

LISNR Enables an Omnichannel Journey Through Data-Over-Sound

Consumers have more leverage than ever before in today’s economy. Market verticals across B2C are working to deliver the end-to-end journey their customers are expecting, including seamless experiences between online and in-store communications. Personalized, contactless in-person experiences that authenticate arrival, deliver targeted marketing messages, enable card present and card not present payments, and accurately validate fulfillment are on the rise.

Industry-leading merchants, mobility and transportation operators, and other B2C businesses are adopting strategies to enable the end-to-end customer journey by deploying technologies that deliver the following business results: 

  • Rationalizing and Optimizing the Tech Stack to Reduce Operating Costs
  • Offering Consumers’ Payment Choices to Increase Loyalty 
  • Delivering Targeted Promotions that Drive Purchasing Decisions and Revenue

Omni-channel customers spend 15 to 30% more than single and multi-channel customers, which should encourage merchants to increase availability, drive sales and traffic, and integrate digital touchpoints. With Quick-Service ad spend to hit $4 billion and as proximity solutions result in 20% increase in sales activity for merchants, a digital wallet + LISNR implementation can expect a:

  • 34%+ increase in customer conversion rate
  • 5%+ increase in average customer frequency
  • 22%+ increase in average check value
  • Incremental revenue through increased lift and ticket price

As ad loyalty services connect to digital payments, merchants of all kinds can further enable and launch its loyalty / ad platform to expand its current infrastructure implementation capabilities in place today. By creating in-person, omnichannel placement services to drive lift, CPM campaigns decrease whereas ad delivery and product conversion rates increase as a result of LISNR.

With proximity based, contextual advertising via LISNR case studies and data, we’ve historically seen a 70% engagement rate. If you quantify that to the 15 – 30% lift, that could equate to a significant amount of revenue to merchants and the payment ecosystem. 

One Solution Connecting a Multitude of Proximity Based Experiences

Connecting online and proximity based experiences is crucial to successfully delivering a seamless end-to-end customer journey. LISNR has been innovating for over a decade, displacing NFC, QR Codes and BLE with Radius, the world’s most advanced data-over-sound software development kit (SDK). With the Radius SDK, your business has the capability to recognize a consumer, deliver targeted promotions, facilitate payment (even offline), and validate fulfillment.

There are 25 digital wallets (FinTech, Merchant, Transportation, EdTech) that leverage LISNR Radius – all receiving exceptional value stemming from a diversity of problem statements being solved.

Elevating the Consumer Experience with Data-Over-Sound

Radius provides a ubiquitous experience by identifying consumers upon entry, validating presence, honoring their loyalty, and unlocking experiences that matter to them the most. By providing digital wallets with an online and offline solution, LISNR expands revenue streams for merchants, acquirers and issuers, while reducing fraud and transaction risk. Today, 83% of consumers believe that personalization increases their loyalty to a brand, and only LISNR Radius is able to uniquely recognize a consumer’s presence at entry, facilitating digital recognition that enables deeper activations, offer acceptance and incentive redemption. 

Once embedded into the customer loyalty app or online platform for the host business, Radius enables the customer journey from entry to exit for the following B2C markets:

  • Grocery and Retail Merchants
  • Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) or Pharmacy 
  • Mobility and Transportation 
  • Stadiums and Events    
  • Coffee Shops and Mini-Marts

LISNR is revolutionizing the payments space with cutting-edge, data-rich technology. To learn more about how Radius can enable one solution for all your connected experiences in your environment, contact us here