LISNR is the leading data-over-audio technology that utilizes sound and software to transmit data.

We use near-ultrasonic sound to transmit data using a speaker to and between any smart device with a microphone. A device enabled with LISNR® software can detect, transmit, and receive data from LISNR® audio technology within audio range. Once a LISNR® signal is detected, the SDK demodulates the data sent over the audio and performs the specified function on the device based on the data.

Our Products

LISNR's ultrasonic platform consists of 3 core product optimizations - close range data transmissions called "Point", mid range transmissions called "Zone" and long range transmissions called “Radius”. We’ve optimized our platform offerings around these key products & use cases.


Close range ultrasonic data transmission between devices

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LISNR Radius

Mid-long range ultrasonic data transmission between devices

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