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LISNR is an advanced, near-ultrasonic, ultra-low power data transmission technology that enables fast, reliable, and secure communication between devices via a speaker and/or microphone.

Acting as a secure local proxy for data transmission, our technology is removing the need for complex, expensive, and power-consuming wireless technologies..

LISNR Software

LISNR is a proprietary near-ultrasonic protocol that sends data-over-audio. Originally coined Smart Tones™ in 2012, our audio technology has evolved into the KAB® (Kilo Audio Bit) transmission due to our ability to transmit up to 1000 bps per channel.

LISNR protocols send data-over-audio across bandwidths (12-19 khz) that are audible or inaudible, depending on use case and distribution method, to ensure optimal performance. Additional performance enhancements include varying audio tone types, frequency channels and profiles, optimized for varying payload and environment characteristics of the actual use case.

Core Technology

LISNR’s technology is built within a C-library base conveniently allowing adaptability across the connected world ecosystem. This library allows interoperability across all software applications to device operating systems and chip-level embedded systems. Customers purchase enterprise licenses per device and usage and access library and documentation through our developer portal.

Performance Optimization

We’ve optimized our technology around 3 core product use cases of wireless data transmission. Close range data transmissions called “Point”, mid range data transmissions called “Zone” and long range data transmissions called “Radius”. Optimizations around these use cases involved a series innovations wrapped in a Point SDK, Zone SDK and Radius SDK & API.


We certify our technology’s consistency per operating system, device, and/or environment. This has resulted in a device and operating system certification standard above 90% of current market penetration of the top global markets.


Advanced cryptography, key exchange, full-duplex, multi-channel & data packetization support, can enable LISNR to power an extremely secure transmission method


Controlled performance range from a few centimeters to many meters with best in class transmission reliability & confirmation.


We can transmit up to 1000/bits-per-second (KAB® Kilo Audio Bit) per channel. We have the ability to significantly increase the per channel throughput depending on environment and use case as well as the total transmission by using additional available channels.


To enable a number of advanced features, we have the ability to transfer multiple streams of data in a single transmission in either direction, simultaneously or any combination to maintain reliable transmission and payload.


LISNR outperforms current popular short range wireless alternatives like Bluetooth, NFC or other RF-based alternatives.

Beaconing Channel

We have developed an independent channel that serves as beaconing solution within our data transmissions. This increase product performance, positioning metrics & security.

Full Duplex

Full ability to send and receive data via LISNR simultaneously

Local Tone Generation

This enables local data encoding and encoding for device-to-device communication without server connectivity.

Advanced Features

Real Time Transmission Optimization: Designed as a performance & security enhancer, where we can real time assess the environment & use case for signal quality and strength and change frequency, or other factors to ensure optimal throughput and performance.

Data Packetization: Advanced transmission technique where we break down the data into smaller packets. This innovation improves accuracy and robustness in challenging transmissions.

Concurrent Transmissions: Ability to accurately and securely enable multiple duplex transmissions via multiple devices in a particular zone.

LISNR® Portal

This is the central developer dashboard to access, manage, and demo LISNR® technology use.

SDKs & APIs: The LISNR® software development kits encapsulates the functions needed for devices to utilize our technologies on various platforms, allowing for tone modulation and demodulation.


This allows clients to view specific metrics related to how their customers are interacting with their LISNR® integration.

Resources and Documentation:

Our library offers support documentation and customer support to enable successful customer implementations.

LISNR® Sample Apps:

Available to LISNR® Portal users, this is used for testing popular use cases via the LISNR® Portal and local device-to-device transmissions.


Sending and receiving data via is LISNR is powered by integrating our software. We provide a simple communication method that can be layered into any existing software, device, service, or media. As you design the ideal experience, the end user can be the sender, receiver, or both.