Last year, we focused on closing our Series A, advancing our technology and improving team leadership. Thank you for all of your support.

We’re starting off 2015 at CES and are available for meetings between 1/5 – 1/9.  Please send us a note at if you are interested in connecting.

Happy New Year!

LISNR is a high frequency, inaudible technology; a new communication protocol that sends data over audio. As the leaders of the Internet of Sound, we use inaudible sound waves called SmartTones™, to transmit information.  LISNR essentially transmits customizable packets of data every second that enable proximity data transmission, second-screen functionality, authentication and low-fi device to deviceconnectivity on any LISNR enabled device.  We enable this functionality better and more efficiently than bluetooth(proximity), ACR (2nd Screen), and NFC/RFID (authentication). As an integrated software partner, LISNR can power devices to connect with world around better than ever before.

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