Just in time for ShopTalk 2019 - Discover why leading merchants like Starbucks, Target and Walmart have created their own mobile wallets?

Chris Ostioch

Chris Ostoich, Co-founder and Head of Innovation

Jake Engwerda

Jake Engwerda, Retail Sales SVP

Learn 7 Ways Mobile Wallets are Changing the Customer Journey from Brick and Click to Shopper ID and Beyond. 


Thursday, February 28th 2:00 PM EST 1:00 PM CST 12:00 PM MST 11:00 AM PST  

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LISNR® powers secure payment experiences & seamless connected "micro-moments" across the customer journey with the most advanced Ultrasonic Data Platform. This is achieved via a software solution that sends micro-communications between devices using inaudible sound. The technology allows retailers to enable & own mobile wallet experiences across transactional & experiential use cases which we together call "micro-moments'. We'll hear from the Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of LISNR, which has raised $30 million in funding, about how combining a payment technology across the consumer journey can help retailers power the new connected shopper experience across digital & in-store.

This Webinar Starts In


This Free Webinar Will Show You Why Merchants Should control The Customer Journey Through Controling Their Mobile Wallet.

Customer Experience

The customer journey is increasingly fragmented across countless touchpoints - web, bricks and mortar and we have a solution to help you be with your customers across all mediums.

Transaction Control

Merchants no longer have to accept their place in the payments ecosystem (read: lack of control and excessive fees) due to card networks' ubiquity. and industrial weight. Learn how with our free webinar with Chris!

Own Customer Data

Data is everything. Merchants are not only on the lookout for ways to acquire insights about their customers, they are trying to link each purchase to a unique shopper.