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Delivery Verification

Through Person Present Authentication, LISNR helps the average food delivery company save ~ $1.04 per delivery.**2018 State of Chargebacks report

In the current race for market share, food delivery companies have chosen to forego traditional authentication methods. In instances when a customer receives a good from a courier or when a courier picks up an item from a store, there currently exists a void in authentication, leaving a company highly exposed to chargebacks and friendly fraud.

Key Benefits Of LISNR®

LISNR® is an SDK that enables secure transmission between devices.
Increase Courier
+ Consumer Safety
Decrease Friendly
Fraud + Chargebacks
Deliveries Become
More Efficient
Contactless Up To
6 Feet

How LISNR® combats inefficiencies in a contactless way

LISNR® is an SDK that enables secure transmission between devices. LISNR®’s ultrasonic solution allows for the courier and consumer to be authenticated seamlessly within range, alleviating friction and human error. No OTP, No QR Code.

LISNR Solution Features

Broad Device Support
Universal Speaker & Microphone Compatibility Major Market Mobile Devices Verified
App Level Control
Complete Software Control Of Data Transmission Payload; UX/UI; Permission; Encryption; Offline
Full Duplex Or Semi-Duplex
Send & Receive Data Simultaneously Always Robust Regardless Of Path Or Device
Experience LISNR’s Ultrasonic Technology in Action
Food Delivery, Rideshare and other gig-economy partners require a simple way to authenticate proximity at the point of ride-installation or food hand-off. The frictionless and reliable properties of ultrasonic data-transfer, eliminates the need for human input into algorithm-based systems.