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Access Control

Contactless Access

Today’s transportation, ticketing, and access control companies face a major challenge. They are being forced to switch from costly germ ridden paper card systems to mobile contactless experiences. Without expensive implementation it makes it difficult to both advance consumer experience and manage fraud.
LISNR® enables contactless authentication from up to 30ft to down to a few inches for immediate authentication. This leads to a significantly faster and seamless entry and throughput per access point.

Key Benefits Of LISNR®

LISNR® is an SDK & API that enables secure transmission and authentication between devices.
Faster Access authentication at increased range, device compatibility and reliability enables faster entry points vs. QR or NFC.
Secure Flexibility to support encryption, cryptography, key exchange alongside full duplex, multi-channel features.
RangeRange can be limited to inches or extended, allowing for “early” identification or “hands free” authentication up to 30ft.

How Does It Work?

LISNR‘s software integrates into access/ticketing control systems enabling secure authentication between devices. LISNR requires a speaker or microphone to communicate to consumer mobile devices. This can be managed via any supported speaker/microphone or our dongle attachment.

LISNR Solution Features

Broad Device Support

Universal Compatibility
Major Market Mobile Devices Verified

App Level Control
Software Control Of Transmission Payload, UX/UI, Encryption, Offline
Duplex Communication
Send & Receive Data Simultaneously Always Robust Regardless Of Path Or Device
Cost Effective
Limited Implementation Costs Any Hardware w/ Speaker + Microphone
Experience LISNR’s Ultrasonic Technology in Action
LISNR® goes beyond QR codes, NFC and biometrics to offer a completely seamless and secure method of authenticating consumers, improving their overall experience, reducing fraud and increasing efficiency. To learn more or to see LISNR® in action, contact us to request your live demo.