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Why Ultrasonic Is Emerging As The Go-To Solution For Mobility 

Many transportation and bus companies have resumed services after shutting down to help stop the spread of COVID-19. To reopen, these mobility companies have had to put many safety measures in place to continue to stop the spread. Such efforts are not without their difficulties.

COVID-19 And Its Effect On Mobility & Transportation

If you’ve traveled at all in the past few months, you’ve probably spotted signs or heard requests like these: 

“Please keep a six-foot distance between you and others.” 

“Mask required.” 

“Please stay home if you feel ill or have any symptoms of COVID-19.”

Some transportation companies are taking even more precautions beyond these safety measures. For example, some bus companies are operating under reduced schedules and taking temperatures of all passengers before they board.

While these measures protect passengers as they’re traveling, they don’t cut payment and ticketing concerns. Long lines at ticket counters, congested waiting areas, and the exchange of credit/debit cards and cash for payment all increase the risk of spreading the disease.

Passengers understand these risks. Since the onset of the pandemic, ridership has decreased dramatically. In July of 2020, there was a 58% national reduction in travelers when compared to numbers from 2019. 

Ultrasonic Technology Is the Solution

How can transportation companies stay profitable while still prioritizing the safety of their passengers? Ultrasonic technology, or data-over-sound, is emerging as the go-to mobility solution. Ultrasonic technology enables contactless proximity verification and authentication for mobility companies all while ensuring proper safety measures for both passengers and drivers. 

What This Means For Your Mobility Company 

Ultrasonic enables you to eliminate lines at the ticket counter by allowing passengers to pay for, receive and verify their boarding pass electronically. It eliminates the need for cumbersome QR code payment methods that aren’t touch-free. And it allows you to move passengers from one place to the next without contact.

LISNR®: The Most Advanced Ultrasonic Platform

In this new normal for mobility, contactless methods must operate at distances greater than what NFC or QR codes can provide. LISNR®, the most advanced ultrasonic platform, enables authentication across distances of centimeters to many meters. Plus, it’s secure, fast and easy-to-use for passengers.

Recently, BusUp, the #1 corporate bus commuter management platform in the E.U., integrated LISNR® to enable contactless mobile boarding pass authentication. As a result, the company aims to increase safety, efficiency and speed for its passengers through contactless ultrasonic technology. 

Learn More About Ultrasonic Technology By Calling LISNR® 

We believe the effects of COVID-19 on the mobility industry will be lasting. To ensure you’re providing safe transportation without sacrificing your bottom line, you must go ultrasonic. To learn more, give LISNR a call at 513-322-8400 or send us a message.