During the 58th annual GRAMMY Awards, music’s biggest night brought together amazing sounds from Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga, Adele and many more.

There were also some pretty amazing sounds you couldn’t hear.

AEG, in partnership with LISNR, amped up their Grammys VIP experience with inaudible tones to deliver real-time notifications and proximity based messages to attendees of the world famous awards show. Here’s how it worked.

Amplifying the VIP Experience

Each year, before, during and after the GRAMMYs telecast, AEG hosts exclusive parties for industry VIPs and celebrities. Taking place at multiple locations throughout the Staples Center and the JW Marriott Los Angeles, hundreds of guests come together to mix, mingle and celebrate.

It was critical for AEG to deliver a red-carpet experience for partygoers – keeping them up-to-date with everything from welcome messages from LL Cool J, the latest Grammys buzz, timely reminders to leave for the telecast to instructions on how to access VIP areas.

This year, AEG worked with LISNR to incorporate sound-based technology in the AEG Grammys VIP app. Rather than rely on spotty Wi-Fi or beacons, LISNR’s SmartTones® deliver data over inaudible audio frequencies. Because SmartTones are detected by mobile devices through any speaker, any challenges typically associated with Wi-Fi are eliminated.

No matter where partygoers went throughout the venue, LISNR’s embedded technology created a seamless VIP experience. Through the AEG VIP app, guests’ mobile devices recieved fun and relevant proximity-based notifications.

Rockin’ The GRAMMYs

The white glove treatment for AEG’s party began as soon as guests arrived:

  • Upon entering the JW Marriott, guests received a welcome message. Based on where guests entered the hotel, each message was personalized to direct them where to go next.
  • Real-time red carpet updates were shared so attendees didn’t miss any buzz.
  • When it was time for the telecast, attendees were notified to head over to the Staples Center, where the show was hosted.
  • As guests were entering the Staples Center, they were delivered an in-app video welcome message from none other than LL Cool J.
  • Guests heard about special prizes to win by scanning their VIP wristband at special portals throughout the party.
  • Special notifications reminded guests to find party photographers to have their picture snapped.
  • As the time for the telecast drew near, guests were notified it was time to make their way to their seats.
  • When guests departed the Grammys, they received a personalized thanks for coming message. Notifications were tailored based on what stations they had and hadn’t visited during the party.
  • As the telecast wrapped, guests were reminded to join the post-party festivities.

The music wasn’t the only star of the night. Thanks to sounds you couldn’t hear, AEG created a high-touch and personalized VIPs experience worthy of music’s biggest night.

LISNR is a high frequency, inaudible technology; a new communication protocol that sends data over audio. As the leaders of the Internet of Sound, we use inaudible sound waves called SmartTones™, to transmit information.  LISNR essentially transmits customizable packets of data every second that enable proximity data transmission, second-screen functionality, authentication and low-fi device to deviceconnectivity on any LISNR enabled device.  We enable this functionality better and more efficiently than bluetooth (proximity), ACR (2nd Screen), and NFC/RFID (authentication). As an integrated software partner, LISNR can power devices to connect with world around better than ever before.

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