A retailer can work hard on creating an engaging in-store shopping experience, but if checkout takes too long and creates a bottleneck, shoppers have less incentive to complete their purchase. So what are retailers to do when shopper expectations are increasing at a rapid clip?

Retailers have introduced a number of technologies, such as self checkout and Apple Pay. But these solutions are just scratching the surface. And, in the case of Apple Pay and its competitors, created a device or account-specific payment ecosystem that excludes a large percentage of the market. The main goal of improving the checkout experience hinges on making it faster. Whether that means implementing Amazon Go-like “just walk out” technology or upgrading payment terminals to accept payments seamlessly through ultrasonic data transmission, a better checkout experience gives shoppers an extra incentive to make a purchase.  

Here at LISNR, we partner with Equinox Payments to bring the power and safety of inaudible sound to the payments process. Why is sound an effective technology to exchange sensitive payment information?

  • Shoppers want to be able to checkout from anywhere in the store. Having registers only in one area of a store is antiquated and leads to back ups that turn shoppers away.
  • When using sound, no identifiable payment information can be intercepted. This way, customer risk is mitigated.
  • Merchants need to know shopper identity to keep fraud at bay. LISNR’s tones authenticate identity with the help of biometrics that come standard on most smartphones.

Whether a merchant uses Square, Toast, or their own proprietary payment terminal, sound makes complications with dipping or swiping cards a thing of the past. Paying with sound allows retailers to increase customer experience at the point of sale and end the transaction seamlessly. LISNR tones provide a unique solution to payment providers, as it is platform agnostic, less costly to implement, and doesn’t require additional hardware other than speakers and mics. Wonder how these inaudible tones work? Learn more here.

If you’re ready to understand how inaudible sounds are improving mobile payments, get in touch with the LISNR team.

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