ShopTalk 2019 is right around the corner. The show runs from March 3rd through the 6th. At Booth 2637, LISNR will be talking about the future of the mobile payment and how retailers can take back their control for a truly frictionless customer experience. We invite you to pick a time to meet with our team in Vegas during the show.

What can you expect to see from LISNR at the show?

Is There Friction in Your Customer Experience?

The friction of the customer experience is often found in the micro-moments of the customer journey. Friction lives in these small moments of gritty discomfort, such as when a mobile payment option is available, but difficult to understand.

Although it’s there, the offering alone isn’t enough. Instead, the friction created by that one moment can be the breaking point of your customer’s experience. Around 87% of shoppers believe retailers should put more effort into providing a seamless experience across all channels. What’s the solution?

It’s Time to Take Ownership of Mobile Payments

The frictionless customer experience begins when you take control of those micro-moments. LISNR’s technology enables a hardware agnostic mobile payment solution, bridging the gap between the online and offline experience. As a retailer, you’ll have control over those moments of offline conversion that matter most.

Taking ownership of the mobile payment allows you to harness the potential of unified commerce and so much more.

  • Take back your fees: Retailers are losing more than they need to on exchange fees.
  • Collect critical customer data: Right now, you must give up valuable customer data to the third-parties that control in-store mobile payment methods. Instead, own that critical data.
  • Enable the frictionless customer journey: You can identify, engage, and enable transactions for your customers across all shopping channels.

All of this is made possible through LISNR’s powerful SDK, allowing full customization across devices and operating systems that feature speakers and microphones.

Meet With Our Team at ShopTalk 2019

Our team would love to meet with you this year at ShopTalk 2019. Schedule a time to meet with our team to learn about LISNR’s proprietary technology and how we can help you take back your control over mobile payments and the customer experience.

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