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How to Take Ownership of the Retail Payment Experience

Ultrasonic data transmission is the modern way to offer a customized retail payment experience. Mobile payment methods such as the QR code and NFC (near field communication) leave much to be desired when it comes to offering a seamless experience. QR codes lack security and NFC protocols leave merchants at the whim of handset manufacturers. These methods require merchants to relinquish their critical customer data that should be used to enhance the payment moment.

The solution to taking ownership of the retail payment experience lies in payment via ultrasonic sound. Retailers don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on costly new systems that don’t facilitate seamless mobile payments. Instead, they can use the hardware they already have.

Retailers don’t have to relinquish their critical customer data to handset manufacturers or other third-party processors. Instead, they can keep their data in-house—with every single transaction.

Retailers don’t have to allow a third party to dictate the in-store payment experience for their customers. Instead, using their own retail-branded app, they can integrate payments in a closed-loop private system, giving them control of the retail payment experience.

It all starts with LISNR, an advanced, near-ultrasonic, and ultra-low-power data transmission technology that enables fast, reliable, and secure communication between devices via a speaker and/or a microphone. 

How Does LISNR Power Retail Payment Experiences?

LISNR’s fully customizable SDK enables retailers to gain true insights into shopping behavior for a frictionless and cost-effective customer journey, from identification to payment. With LISNR, retailers can:

  • Link shopper behavior between devices online and in-store: Through a one-touch session transfer for shopper identification, retailers can collect actionable customer data and take the lead on proximity marketing.
  • Check-in and one-tap wifi: When a customer enters a store, the customer is identified via a secure tone which triggers the start of their personalized shopping experience. Plus, they can easily connect to in-store wifi.
  • Seamless product pick-up: Customers can pick up online purchases in-store by verifying their identity via a unique sound wave emitted from the retailer’s app.
  • Personalized offers and recommendations: Retailers can send real-time, personalized offers that are tailored to the customer’s unique shopper profile, resulting in increased cart size.
  • Personalized mobile checkout: LISNR uses industry-standard encryption to integrate seamlessly into any device and operating system, including POS terminals. This enriches the payment experience with personalized content and recommended upsells, while improving payment security and checkout speed.

Retail payment experiences are becoming more customizable as retailers use their mobile apps to create branded ecosystems that customers never have to leave. Think about Starbucks: within a few taps a customer can personalize their drink and place an order. From browsing options to payment, they remain in the tightly controlled Starbucks branded environment, allowing the coffee giant to engage them further, as well as acting on their specific customer data.With the help of ultrasonic data technology, retailers can create similar mobile-enabled experiences that make each purchase more seamless than ever. 

Want to learn more about how you own your retail payment experiences? Download our free payment and customer journey eBook or get in touch with the LISNR team.