LISNR® is the creator of a proprietary ultrasonic platform that sends data-over-audio. Our KAB® (Kilo Audio Bit) technology protocol consists of a three-part audio tone capable of transmitting data via near-ultrasonic frequencies inaudible to most humans. This offers companies a viable, efficient and cost-effective alternative to EMV, NFC and QR code-based solutions which have reliability issues and are vulnerable to hacking and accidental information loss. There are many use cases for LISNR’s inaudible data-over-audio transmission, from mobile payments, to location-based marketing, to iOT, and much, much more!

How the magic happens – LISNR®’s inaudible tones send data-over-audio across bandwidths (18-19.2 kHz) customized by use case, to ensure optimal performance. We’ve created multiple tone types and profiles, optimized for varying environment characteristics of the use case, by and large inaudible to humans—making the data transfer highly seamless and non disruptive whatsoever.

Here’s how LISNR’s tone frequency range compares to that of common animal species. Very few humans and only certain animal species are able to hear tones within LISNR’s operating frequency range, making our tones inaudible bar none! 

*Note: This infographic refers to two of LISNR’s three tones: Standard (18.75-19.2kHz), and PKAB (18-19.2kHz). Our Compression tone(14.55-15kHz) is audible and used for specific use cases that that require our tone to be played in environments with frequency restrictions.

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