How do you keep up with changes in fintech? When it comes to learning about technology in the banking, financial, and payment sectors, Finovate Fall 2018 in New York City is the place to be. LISNR powers global transactions with the most advanced Ultrasonic Data Platform and we look forward to meeting with forward thinkers in the payments space. If you’ll be attending, and want to get up to speed on how ultrasonic tech is changing the fintech landscape, here’s what you need to know.

When: September 24-26, 2018

Where: Marriott Marquis Times Square, New York, NY

How: Register today to join LISNR and other companies driving fintech innovation.

What: Fintech is changing at the speed of light. Companies need to cut down on card-not-present fraud when it comes to increasingly popular online transactions. From another perspective, the same software-only solution can help fintech providers cut down on capex costs, allow for platform independence across multiple devices, and increase alignment with consumer behavior.

In such an innovative sector, we all need to be able to cut through the noise and pinpoint the technologies that can truly get our businesses ahead. We’ll be attending Finovate to discuss some of our breakthrough technologies, understand what pain points companies have, and help connect the dots for the fintech industry.  

Want to learn more? Email us at and we’ll set up a time to meet at Finovate Fall 2018 and discuss how ultrasonic tech can revolutionize your business.

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