September, last year, I became enlisted into the most unique company I have ever known. What makes this company different? It is the community and the culture.

LISNR is about being better than enough. This is being recognized by our customers and is really beneficial to its employees, community, and is a must. Without a living culture, no company can get the talent to maintain its course. It is by our culture that we have attracted the talent that has grown into our workforce. This is more than just a group of people; we are a family, a team. We have grown into a family that believes in our cause and become stitched together at the seams. This patchwork is united by commonality and driven by not one, but us all. United, LISNR has stood, is standing, and will continue to stand.

Unification through happiness

“Become happy, which will then help you become a success”1 (The Importance of Happiness in the Workplace, 2012).

The stats of working in a place concerned with your happiness, according to the research from the Wall Street Journal and iOpener Institute as recorded by the United States Geological Survey Department2, is:

  • Employees believe they are fulfilling their potential up to double that of their peers
  • Around 65% of employees have more energy
  • 58% of employees are more team oriented and helpful
  • Employees align their values with the company’s values up to 98% more than their peers in other businesses
  • Workers are 10 times less likely to take sick days
  • And most importantly to the bottom line, 85% of happy employees are more efficient at their work than the alternative

(List paraphrased from The Science of Happiness: How to Build a Killer Culture in Your Company, 2013)

Happy, Disruptive People


Above is a picture of those stats come to life in a culture of individuals who have achieved success from a healthy, happy workplace. These very people are what helped LISNR to become the #12 disruptor company3 (Meet the 2015 CNBC Disruptor 50 companies, 2015).

So how did these happy people become so happy?

  • Engaged leadership who understand that the employees decide the culture (Leadership guides, does not dictate)
  • Employee meetings on deciding the culture (We set the parameters)
  • Happiness Committee (Because we are that dedicated to happiness)
  • Training opportunities (Encouraged to grow with hack-a-thons, mentorships, and pair programming)
  • Agile Development Strategies (You know it!)
  • We roll deep when we decide to go places (Employee engagement)

LISNR is its own company derived by a people who believe in the company values, establishes a culture that is involved in the local community, and most importantly, care about each other and our mutual success. As our culture grows, our success will grow, exponentially. We won’t be turned down for nothing!


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