We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with RideYellow, the leading taxi app in Southern California. The ride hailing and payment process has long been complicated when it comes to taxis. And once we introduced smartphones to the mix, a new combination of issues came up.

When a rider gets into a taxi, the driver needs to know where they are going and that they have the right form of payment. There are solutions in place to connect the driver’s app with the rider’s (enabling digital payment with a saved credit card and more), such as entering a code in the apps to connect with a driver. But the truth is that these methods are cumbersome at best. Smartphones were supposed to make this process easier, but they haven’t been able to create a seamless and automated experience until now.

The LISNR and RideYellow partnership marks the occasion of the first transportation app that is able to connect riders and drivers using ultrasonic data transmission. This means that both parties can use their mobile devices to pair and automatically verify which passenger is in the car, even if they haven’t scheduled a ride in advance. This cuts out the problems of incorrect billing and passengers accidentally stealing another’s cab and ending up in the wrong location.

To learn more about this partnership, read the full press release here or reach out to us at info@lisnr.com.

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