Welcome to the forefront of hospitality innovation, where technology is not just a supporting element but a transformative force shaping the entire guest experience. In this era of heightened expectations and evolving preferences, LISNR’s near ultrasonic data-over-sound technology is a beacon of advancement, revolutionizing how guests engage with hospitality ecosystems.

As we embark on a journey through the capabilities of data-over-sound, we delve into its role in authenticating identities, enhancing room access, and redefining VIP experiences. However, the journey doesn’t conclude at entry—it extends to the moment of departure, where LISNR takes center stage, streamlining the checkout process, soliciting immediate feedback, and ensuring swift and secure payments with Radius.

Join us as we explore how LISNR Radius is not merely a technology but a catalyst for reshaping every facet of the guest’s stay, from check-in to departure, in a touchless, seamless, and truly extraordinary manner.

LISNR Radius Sets the Gold Standard for Authentication and Security

Safety is paramount in the hospitality industry, and LISNR Radius sets the gold standard for authenticating host and guest identities. This cutting-edge technology establishes a secure environment, fostering trust and ensuring the well-being of all parties involved. From hotel check-ins to vacation rental arrangements, the authentication process enhances safety protocols, providing peace of mind for hosts and guests from entry to exit, including:

Efficient and Secure Unlocking with Smart-Lock Integration:

LISNR Radius seamlessly pairs with smart-lock technology, offering hospitality leaders a secure and efficient solution for unlocking needs. This integration eliminates the hassle of traditional key exchanges and enhances the overall guest experience by providing a touchless and secure entry into accommodations.

Recognition for Loyalty Programs and Streamlined Check-In:

With the ability to recognize and identify guests for loyalty programs, LISNR Radius facilitates secure, simple room access and self-check-in procedures. This expedites the check-in process and contributes to a personalized and seamless experience for guests. By integrating loyalty programs, hospitality leaders can enhance guest satisfaction and loyalty, creating a positive and customized experience.

Zero Contact with Touchless Technology:

In an era where touchless experiences are valued, LISNR Radius takes center stage with zero merchant device contact. Guests can navigate their entire stay without physical contact, from check-in to unlocking doors and making transactions. This aligns with current health and safety preferences, elevating the overall guest experience.

Seamless, Person-Present Checkout Experience:

LISNR Radius ensures a seamless, person-present checkout experience, redefining the traditional checkout process. Guests can complete their stay effortlessly, making the departure process as smooth as their arrival. This touchless checkout experience adds a layer of convenience, contributing to positive guest reviews and satisfaction.

LISNR Radius Personalizes the Guest Experience with Loyalty Offers

VIP experiences are taken to new heights with LISNR’s near ultrasonic data-over-sound technology. Upon entry to a hotel, guests experience a streamlined check-in via the LISNR Radius beacon through a network confirmation. Applicable to any hotel building, room, or VIP space, this technology sets the stage for unparalleled VIP treatment.

Once guests are recognized and authenticated via Radius, they can unlock a world of luxuries and amenities within the hotel. Through proximity-based engagement, in-venue speakers send proximity-based ads, coupons, and loyalty offers directly to the guest’s device. This personalized experience allows guests to order room service, access VIP guest offers, and explore nearby merchant offerings, enhancing their overall stay experience.

LISNR Radius is a game-changer for hospitality ecosystem leaders, offering a comprehensive solution for safety, efficiency, and guest satisfaction. From contactless check-ins to VIP experiences and proximity-based engagement, this technology redefines the standard for innovation in the hospitality industry. As IT leaders in hospitality embrace ultrasonic data-over-sound technologies like LISNR Radius, they meet the evolving expectations of modern travelers, positioning their establishments at the forefront of technological advancement in guest services.

LISNR Radius Extends Guest Satisfaction Beyond Checkout

In the era of instant communication, LISNR ensures that guest experiences don’t end with their departure. Our data-over-sound technology triggers an immediate feedback loop, allowing guests to share their thoughts, suggestions, or compliments in real-time. This valuable feedback mechanism enables venue owners and managers to gauge guest satisfaction swiftly, addressing any concerns promptly and fostering a continuous loop of improvement, including:

Swift and Secure Payment Processing:

LISNR’s role extends beyond feedback—it acts as a catalyst for swift and secure payment processing. Guests can settle their bills effortlessly through the integrated system, eliminating the need for lengthy payment procedures or physical contact with payment terminals. This enhances the efficiency of the checkout process, aligning with the growing preference for touchless transactions.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:

In an age where convenience and efficiency are paramount, LISNR’s self-checkout mechanism aligns with guests’ modern preferences. By providing a self-checkout mechanism that seamlessly integrates feedback and payment processes, LISNR contributes to enhanced customer satisfaction. Guests experience a departure that is convenient and swift, which reflects the hospitality provider’s commitment to leveraging technology for their benefit. The positive association with an efficient departure further enhances guests’ overall satisfaction with their stay.

Fostering Loyalty Through Technological Innovation:

As guests encounter LISNR’s self-checkout mechanism, they witness firsthand the commitment of the venue to embrace technological innovation for their convenience. This commitment fosters a sense of loyalty among guests, who appreciate venues that prioritize their evolving needs and preferences. LISNR becomes not just a technology, but a symbol of a venue’s dedication to providing an unparalleled guest experience.

Enable a Seamless Customer Journey with LISNR Radius

LISNR Radius stands as a transformative tool for leaders in the hospitality ecosystem. From safety and efficiency to personalized experiences and enhanced communication, this data-over-sound technology redefines how the industry operates. LISNR’s proximity solutions ensure secure, seamless, and contactless data transfer.

Powered by a ubiquitous device & OS platform, our non-captive near-field association provides proof-present authentication enabled through proximity tokens. From entry validation to payments and fulfillment, LISNR empowers merchant micro-moments across the customer journey. As hospitality leaders embrace LISNR Radius, they not only elevate the quality of service, but also position themselves at the forefront of innovation in a dynamic and competitive landscape. Contact Us today to transform the guest experience for your hospitality business.

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