This year, LISNR brought the innovation of sound to Retail’s Big Show, the National Retail Foundation’s flagship conference. Held in January, this event featured leaders in retail innovation from across the globe. Bringing our innovative SDK once again to the retail table, we further established LISNR as a leader in mobile payments.

Challenging the Status Quo: Sound in Retail Micro-Moments

We spoke with major retailers about how sound could revolutionize their retail micro-moments. By challenging the status quo, LISNR helps retailers immerse their customers in an unforgettable shopping experience, down to the last detail.

  • Check-in and one-tap Wi-Fi: Customers are identified via a secure LISNR Tone, jumpstarting a highly personalized shopping experience.
  • Simple product pick-up: By verifying their identity via a unique sound wave, customers can pick up their products in-store quickly.
  • Real-time personalized offers: Using a customer’s unique profile, retailers can send personalized real-time offers straight to their mobile device.

These small moments equate to a much larger experience customers expect. Plus, it’s hardware- and device-agnostic—simply using software and sound. With many retailers hoping for a solution beyond NFC and the QR code, we were happy to deliver.

Mobile Payments Should Drive the Customer Experience

While at NRF 2019, we further established that the importance of LISNR enabled mobile payments is two-fold:

  • Critical data is back where it belongs: In the retailer’s hands, not a third-party app or processor. Pertinent transaction data can be used to further the customer experience, product development, and beyond.
  • Customers receive a personalized and fast checkout experience: LISNR integrates seamlessly into any device and OS, providing a completely branded mobile payment experience and personalized content, while improving security and checkout speed.

Retailers require data to improve the customer experience. But most current in-store payment methods require retailers to give up this critical data during the checkout process. What LISNR offers can help retailers take back this powerful data, and use it to benefit their customers.

Ready to Own Your Transactions?

Retailers have lost control over their mobile payment ecosystem. At NRF 2019, we established that it doesn’t have to be this way. With LISNR as a technology partner, retailers can take ownership of their mobile payments, thus owning their customer experience. If you’re ready to own your transactions and customer journey, get in touch.

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