So what did we discuss with the students about LISNR and startup life?

The Journey

No one person joined the startup life with the same background and story. Some of us went to school for degrees in Computer Sciences and knew at a young age Programming was in their future. Others graduated from college, joined Corporate America and realized cubicles and watercooler conversations weren’t for them. Others dabbled in grad school for a bit and some just met the right people at the right time. What we all have in common, though, is our passion for innovation and desire to put a dent in The Universe. It’s also not a coincidence that our personalities are all quite colorful and have pretty cool interests outside of work.

The Wearer of Many Hats

As a lover of hats (beanies, caps, bucket, etc) I couldn’t be more pleased to work in an environment that allows me to wear different hats everyday! Hats, of course, meaning roles in this instance. Just because you hold one title doesn’t mean you’re immune to performing tasks outside of that title, which is something I personally welcome! What better way to sharpen your skills than taking on duties you may feel uncomfortable doing. Programmers can become public speakers and client managers become developers. The more skills in your arsenal, the more valuable you become as an employee and the more opportunities you can take.


One of the many perks of startup life is how flexible the culture is. From working hours to the clothes we feel comfortable being productive in, we enjoy many unique freedoms that come with this industry. That goes without saying, it’s imperative to practice self-motivation and discipline. I’m sure all college students diligently work on refining their self-management skills, which gives way to becoming one responsible employee. Speaking of responsibility…


We manage ourselves and sometimes even up, which means it’s necessary to take initiative and manage our time wisely. On smaller teams it’s not uncommon for each employee to be the first line of defense when a problem arises. The fast-paced working environment creates new responsibilities everyday, many of which can be challenging and frustrating. However, with the right team and willingness to make quick adjustments, these responsibilities will be a welcomed test of your abilities.


It’s great to see students genuinely interested in startups and technology! Startups can be a risky bet, but these Miami students seemed to be attracted to the unorthodox nature of this industry. I look forward to seeing where they end up after four years in good old Oxford, Ohio.


LISNR is a high frequency, inaudible technology; a new communication protocol that sends data over audio. As the leaders of the Internet of Sound, we use inaudible sound waves called SmartTones™, to transmit information.  LISNR essentially transmits customizable packets of data every second that enable proximity data transmission, second-screen functionality, authentication and low-fi device to deviceconnectivity on any LISNR enabled device.  We enable this functionality better and more efficiently than bluetooth (proximity), ACR (2nd Screen), and NFC/RFID (authentication). As an integrated software partner, LISNR can power devices to connect with world around better than ever before.

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