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LISNR Enables the Mobility Experience

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, delivering exceptional experiences to consumers is paramount, especially in the mobility space. From transportation to ticketing, ensuring a convenient, secure, and seamless authentication process is fundamental. That’s where LISNR steps in as the leading ultrasonic proximity payment platform, reshaping customer authentication experiences across industries.

Unlocking the Power of Secure and Seamless Data Transmission

As a pioneer in the ultrasonic proximity authentication space, we offer a secure and scalable software solution. Its unique proposition lies in the ability to transmit micro-communications using sound between devices on standard speakers and microphones. LISNR Radius opens up a plethora of possibilities for merchants, especially in the mobility sector.

LISNR powers merchants, mobility, and transportation enterprises by enabling them to create superior customer authentication experiences. These experiences range from seamless mobile payments and loyalty initiatives to connected car and mobility authentication. Our goal is to enable companies with the ability to cater to their customers’ needs and expectations.

Radius SDK: Empowering the Mobility Ecosystem

At the heart of our ultrasonic data over sound technology is the Radius SDK, a solution that enables proximity verification and contactless transactions, including offline data transmission for payment providers, merchants, mobility companies, and other proximity applications worldwide.

Let’s take a look at how Radius SDK offers a wide range of benefits in the ticketing and auto industries, enhancing the auth experience for both passengers and operators alike.

1. Ensures Passenger Safety and Seamless Authentication during Rides

By employing data-over-sound technology at entry points such as buses, transit, boats, or vehicles with digital ticketing systems, passengers can swiftly authenticate their journey.

2. Simplifies Check-Ins to Public Transportation with Mass Ticket Confirmations

By utilizing LISNR Radius beacons, commuters can easily confirm their tickets at distance in a one-to-many flow. Radius provides high velocity mass validation for an expedited, hassle-free experience for all.

3. Increases Safety and Customer Satisfaction

The implementation of LISNR Radius guarantees increased safety and assurance for passengers. Moreover, streamlining operations and enhancing the overall experience significantly contribute to the increment of customer lifetime value.

4. Builds Trust, Security, and Assurance

In today’s digital landscape, building and maintaining trust with consumers is essential. LISNR Radius enables mobility ecosystem leaders to not only authenticate payment processes, but also reduce fraud in the transportation, ticketing and e-commerce space. Let’s look at the following examples of how Radius enables the customer mobility journey from entry to exit:

  • Secure Entry: LISNR Radius serves as a beacon for check-in through a secure, person present confirmation. In transportation, this is applicable to bus, transit, boat, and vehicle authentication services where digital tickets are enabled.
  • Proximity Engagement: Consumers are able to carry out normal shopping behaviors from inside of a vehicle. Through seamless authentication with Radius, in-vehicle speakers send proximity-based ads, coupons, and loyalty offers to consumers in relation to merchants and services nearby. Riders are able to redeem offers through e-commerce platforms and transactions, benefitting from what would normally be “in-person” shopping experiences and finalizing transactions with a digital receipt.
  • Secure Exit: Upon exiting the vehicle, passengers are safely dropped off at their destination and operators are alerted to both pick-ups and drop-offs, receiving real-time analytics and trip insights through LISNR Radius. This is applicable to rideshare services and mobile food delivery companies.

Reshaping Customer Authentication Experiences Across Industries

While our ultrasonic proximity payment platform enables the mobility experience, it also transcends another dimension, where digital recognition, digital loyalty, e-commerce transactions, and Buy Online – Pick Up In Store (BOPIS) options are seamlessly integrated to benefit both consumers and merchants.

As an established entity in the dynamic world of digital commerce, we pride ourselves on being a beacon of innovation. 83% of consumers believe that personalization increases loyalty to a brand and only LISNR Radius is able to uniquely recognize a consumer’s presence at entry, facilitating digital recognition that enables deeper activations, offer acceptance, and incentive redemption.

LISNR’s ultrasonic proximity payment platform is a game-changer in the mobility ecosystem. By leveraging LISNR’s data-over-sound technology, companies in these sectors can elevate customer authentication experiences, streamline operations, and foster a culture of trust and security. As we navigate an increasingly digital world, LISNR proves to be an invaluable tool in delivering exceptional mobility experiences to help future-proof businesses. Contact Us to unlock the power of secure and seamless data transmission.