With brick & mortar as the preferred shopping mode for consumers, coupled with the massive growth of mobile phone usage powering consumers “on the go,” it’s no wonder that location-based marketing solutions are having their moment. In fact, the market is poised to continue growing rapidly, reaching $96B in revenues by 2021.  Let’s review how new technologies are evolving the proximity marketing space, and how ultrasonic data transmission holds tremendous promise to help realize the potential of location-based solutions, forever altering the customer journey.

Here are some growing use cases for how inaudible LISNR tones are transforming location-based marketing:

    • LISNR Tones Embedded into Retail-Specific Apps for Promotions & Product Info: LISNR tones can be embedded into a retailer-specific app, and when users enter the store and the app is powered on, consumers can receive targeted promotions and product info in real-time via inaudible tones. The consumer simply needs to have the retailer-specific app, and then the offers can be sent directly over audio as consumers walk through the store. While shoppers increasingly prefer shopping in-store, finding an educated and available store clerk to answer product details can be tough. Retailers can decrease reliance on store staff and instead transmit product details directly to consumers on their phones. Promotions, offers, and product details can be submitted via sound, and remove reliance on wifi, bluetooth, and other forms of power-hungry and cumbersome data connectivity. Any device enabled with a speaker and microphone can send and receive tones in real time. Simple and seamless!
    • LISNR Tones Transmit Key Data at Major Events & Venues: Large events such as coliseums and arenas are chock-full of fan excitement, but typically lack the technology necessary to efficiently power wifi for thousands of event attendees. Connectivity is usually spotty, which confounds consumers who rely on their devices to receive and post relevant event data. From mobile tickets, which are nearly a requirement for most teams across different sports, to real-time alerts/messages broadcast to fans, LISNR tones can transmit key data via loud speaker to mobile devices in places such as large arenas, transportation platforms, trains, stadiums, etc.
    • LISNR Tones Power “Micro-Targeting”: Unique to LISNR is Precision KAB, powering the ability to micro-target offers down to a consumer’s hyper specific location. In a retail store, this could the specific aisle the user is visiting. For example, consumers in the “Baby” aisle will not receive “Pets” related promotions, and vice versa. Offers are sent inaudibly, making for a seamless and highly relevant advertising targeting opportunity.
    • Customer Journey & Customer Insights: Using inaudible tones, retailers and brands can gain valuable customer insights by determining when users are in range of a tone, by tracking promotional interaction and device movement through a location. By embedding a beacon tone in each aisle of a store, we can trace the ‘paths to purchase’ taken by customers, and gain valuable insights about shopping trends, loyalties, and behaviors. Inaudible tones embedded in the entry/exit of each store can determine how long customers spend at the store, or how many people were at the store at a given period of time.

With our increasingly mobile lives, and consumers’ proclivity for the physical shopping experience, proximity-based solutions are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. The industry needs to embrace solutions such as ultrasonic tech, which make the experience seamless and smooth for customers, and ultimately shorten the path to purchase.

To find out how LISNR can help enable proximity solutions for your business, please contact us.

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