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Contactless Checkout: Redefining the Customer Experience

At the beginning of the global pandemic, retailers were forced to source and implement contactless checkout and pick-up options to protect their employees and customers. To secure their bottom line, they moved fast, focusing on simply getting customers the products they needed—nothing more, nothing less.

We believe we’ll never return to what was once normal. This means retailers must continue to evolve to not only deliver the contactless system customers need but the experience they expect.

Will Customers Ever Return to Brick-and-Mortar Stores?

Whether a need to stay safe or a desire to hang on to newfound conveniences, customers are hesitating to return to brick-and-mortar stores. A recent survey by Epsilon found that one in seven consumers aren’t sure what will reassure them to return to retail storefronts.

According to Gallup, approximately 36% of US adults used curbside pick-up from a store, up from 19% in March. Another survey found that 59% of consumers believe they’ll likely use curbside pick-up following the outbreak.

The idea of shoppers visiting storefronts is irrelevant now. The pandemic has ushered in new shopping methods that consumers won’t soon forget. It’s time for retailers to focus on redefining the shopping experience in the new normal.

The Critical Elements of a Solid Contactless Customer Experience

To offer a seamless contactless customer experience, there are a few critical elements retailers must have in place.


  • Customer authentication: With customers opting for curbside pick-up, it’s up to retailers to get the right products to the right customer. The only way to make it happen is through contactless authentication. And that doesn’t mean QR codes or ID checks that often fall victim to human error and aren’t all that contactless anyway.
  • Contactless payment: Some retailers such as Sam’s Club have had great success with Scan-and-Go options, which allow customers to do their shopping, pay via mobile and leave the store. Retailers must now take it to the next level, delivering that same contactless payment system at curbside and pick-up.
  • Frictionless loyalty: Customers will expect retailers to deliver on their loyalty promises regardless of how they shop. Plus, without customers coming into the store, retailers must deliver brand interactions in new ways such as via mobile.


How LISNR® Can Help

It may seem impossible to do it all. Yet, LISNR® offers a solution via an ultrasonic (data-over-sound) platform. LISNR® enables proximity verification and contactless transactions using your existing speakers and devices.

How does it work? A customer can simply pull up to a curbside pick-up location and be authenticated immediately via sound. Once they receive their order, they simply pay via mobile and authentication occurs again at receipt. There’s zero contact from start to finish—no QR code or ID check required.

LISNR® also enables you to connect with your customers by delivering personalized offers and loyalty rewards directly to your customers’ mobile devices. While you keep your customers happy with a seamless experience, you’ll receive enhanced security and increased revenue in return.

Redefine Your Customer Experience With LISNR®

Smart retailers know that the future of retail is now; don’t get left behind. LISNR® can help. To learn more about the future of retail or LISNR’s person present solution, send us a message.