We’re incredibly excited to be included in the sixth annual #Disruptor50 from CNBC, it’s our third time and we’re still as excited as the first. @CNBCdisruptors looks at private companies in a range of industries, from biotech to retail, whose innovations are changing the world.  Once again, LISNR made the cut. Some highlights which positioned us for this honor include a strategic investment from Synchrony Financial, and the announcement of our industry first KAB 1000 bps tone.

“We’re honored to be a CNBC Disruptor 50 for the third time. It’s a testament to the fact that our team has put a lot of work into creating great technologies that help our customers save both time and money.  Sound is the ultimate medium for conveying ideas, whether it’s a great song or a great speech. Now we’re adding a new dimension, by utilizing it as a transport mechanism for data, untethering companies and consumers from the need for expensive hardware and protocols,” said Eric Allen, President LISNR.

2018 is already a great year and you should keep an eye on us as we make more interesting product and customer announcements in the months to come.  If you happen to be at 2018 NRF Tech, come see our founder Rodney Williams chat about #dataoversound in the retail space.  You can also check out our latest profile in Inc., talking about the Cincinnati tech startup scene. If that’s not enough, you can hear a recent podcast on 20Khz where we talk about #dataoveraudio and what LISNR is doing in the space.  

If you think LISNR’s data over audio solutions can help your company, please contact us for more information.

LISNR CEO on delivering data with audio from CNBC.

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