4 Things to Capitalize on in 2020 for Your C-Store or Fuel Retail Location

1. The Big Idea: Mobile Payment & Loyalty Will Matter More Than Ever Before

Many experts believe that 2020 will be a turning point for mobile payments, with most consumers preferring to spend their cash via mobile. In fact, research suggests that mobile contactless payment transactions will exceed $1 trillion worldwide by next year.

What does this mean for c-store owners and fuel retailers? It’s easy to see that consumers are demanding frictionless payment experiences via mobile. The 2020 EMV deadline is the perfect opportunity to not only offer secure mobile transactions but the personalization your customers want—increasing loyalty and spend per visit.

This won’t happen through QR codes or loyalty cards. Instead, frictionless mobile payments and high-touch personalization can only be achieved through ultrasonic technology or data-over-sound.

2. Drive Traffic From Forecourt to Store With EMV Upgrade

It’s no secret that the real money is made inside the c-store versus at the pump. The challenge is getting your customers to move from one to the other. The EMV upgrade offers an opportunity to take advantage of proximity-based messaging and the personalization your customers want.

For example, via data-over-sound, you can authenticate customers as soon as they reach the pump. They’ll instantly receive personalized offers and targeted messaging directly on their mobile devices. There’s nothing quite like a free coffee on a cold day to drive customers through your door.

3. Customer Loyalty Data Will Provide Critical Insight

To deliver personalized messaging, you need access to loyalty and purchasing data that tell the story of customer shopping habits. Through mobile payment and loyalty, you have access to this data, helping you to better understand the market and what your customers are purchasing at any given time.

Take advantage of these insights to change the way you market your products and to improve your bottom line. Plus, you can deliver what your customers want, right down to their favorite snack.

4. Mobile Apps Will Improve Pump Maintenance

The EMV pump refresh will require c-store owners and fuel retailers to track the upgrade status on many different fuel pumps. Tracking upgrades and maintenance can be simplified through the use of mobile apps that use APIs to share data.

For example, information regarding current upgrade status can be viewed by field technicians to streamline upgrades and future maintenance. As a result, you’ll reap the benefits of reduced pump downtime, which directly impacts your bottom line.

Harness the Power of Mobile With LISNR®

There isn’t a better time to harness the power of mobile than during the mandatory EMV upgrade. LISNR’s proprietary data-over-sound technology enables c-store owners and fuel retailers to provide modern mobile payment and checkout experiences to their customers. To learn more about LISNR®, simply text CSTORE2020 to 33444 or complete our contact form

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