Take Quick-Service to the Next Level With QSR Ultrasonic Solutions Powered by LISNR®

Long restaurant lines. Backed up drive-thru lanes. These are just a few of the things that threaten the success of your quick-service restaurant. To prevent customers from venturing across the street to your competitors, you must provide the fast, seamless and personalized experience your customers expect. Such an experience is possible with ultrasonic data transmission by LISNR®.

Quick-Service: Customers Expect You to Deliver on Your Promise

For fast food retailers, coffee shops, casual restaurants and beyond, the promise you deliver is in your name: quick service. When customers enter your brick-and-mortar location or attempt to order in the drive-thru, they’re often met with long wait times, and a less than personalized experience. Add in the possibility of inaccurate orders and you have a customer experience they’ll want to forget.

LISNR® provides a solution by enabling retailers to offer seamless, secure, and fast checkout experiences to their customers at Point or at distance with our Zone product.

Move every customer to the front of the line with mobile payment and pick-up.

Reduce friction and purchase abandonment due to long wait times.

Provide fast service without sacrificing the quality of your product and customer experience.

Personalize the ordering experience through automatic customer authentication.

Why Choose LISNR® for Your QSR?

LISNR® is a secure and scalable software solution that sends micro-communications over sound between devices, using only standard speakers and microphones. With an eye on your bottom line, LISNR® removes the need for costly hardware installation. Plus, LISNR® provides:

Increase throughput while decreasing the amount of time it takes each customer to order and walk away happy. More sales, less space.
Identify your customers wherever they are in-store and at the beginning of the drive-thru to optimize and personalize the customer’s experience. Allow customers to pay at any point during the process from inside their car or in-store. It’s all made possible through LISNR® Point & Zone.
Automatically identify customers arriving at the counter to provide a personalized experience, improving the overall experience of each and every customer you serve. Plus, you’ll bridge online and offline experience, delivering what your customers want and expect.
Using LISNR to authenticate a pick-up and pay scenario, you can reduce fraud and chargebacks, avoiding this growing problem in the order online and pick-up space.

Start Delivering Seamless Service: Request Your Demo of LISNR® Today

As a quick-service restaurant, you’re faced with the challenge of delivering a great product with speed and accuracy. Give your customers the experience they expect and deserve with LISNR®. To learn more, or to request a demo, reach out to us today.

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