Own the Mass-Market Payment Moment With Checkout Solutions by LISNR®

Grocery stores, bookstores, electronics stores and beyond have something in common: each present customers with so many products when they have so little time. Customers enter your store with the desire to “get in and get out,” but they must first sift through thousands of products only to then try navigating checkout. Here, they’re met with clunky pin pads for loyalty information and barcode scanning for coupons. The friction continues, causing abandoned shopping carts and unhappy customers that must decide if the inconvenience is enough to keep them from coming back. Remove this friction by implementing seamless and secure mobile payments powered by LISNR®.

Bring the Seamless Online Experience Into Your Brick-and-Mortar Store

More customers are shopping online to avoid the confusion and inconvenience of shopping in-store. Online, they can search thousands of products instantly, checkout with one tap, and even receive product recommendations during checkout to fit their preferences. All of this and more is possible in-store with LISNR®.

LISNR® enables retailers to offer seamless, secure, and fast mobile payment options to their customers. Using LISNR® Point Pay, customers can quickly pay at checkout. Or, using LISNR® Zone, customers can pay anywhere in the store.

Connect the online and offline shopping experience by providing a fast and seamless in-store checkout.

Enhance your grocery pick-up by allowing customers to pay via mobile from the pick-up location.

Allow customers to skip the line and just walk out by enabling in-store zone payment.

Combine all of the customer info you need into one transmission: identity, loyalty and payment.

Why Choose LISNR® for Your Location?

LISNR® allows customers to send encrypted payment information to POS systems at checkout using just sound and software. For grocery and mass-market stores, LISNR® provides:

A fast, seamless, and personalized checkout enhances the overall customer experience, bringing them back to your store, increasing foot traffic and average transaction value.
Sound surpasses the limitations of short-range radio-based payment options. LISNR® provides the technology required to implement both short-range and large-range mobile payment options. Customers can pay in-store, curbside, or in BOPIS transactions.
LISNR® doesn’t require costly hardware upgrades and updates to work. Instead, LISNR® uses the software, speakers, and microphones pre-installed on mobile devices.
A LISNR® powered mobile wallet enables you to glean customer transaction data from each purchase, instead of sending it to a third-party. Using this data, you can tailor your marketing campaigns and more to fit your customers.

See What LISNR® Can Do for You

LISNR® is helping retailers and merchants stand out from the competition by providing the seamless shopping experience customers crave. If you’re ready to do the same, reach out to us today for a demo and see what LISNR® can do for you.

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Why Merchants Should Own the Payment Micro-Moment

Leading retailers and merchants are placing necessary emphasis on the customer experience from first contact to final purchase. Yet retailers could be missing small moments that have a big impact on the overall customer journey—“micro-moments” that bridge the gap between the online and in-store experience. To take advantage of these micro-moments, retailers must turn to the mobile device to unify the customer experience across multiple touchpoints.