Enhance the Payment Experience From the Forecourt to the C-Store with LISNR®

As a fuel retailer, it seems impossible to offer a payment and loyalty experience at the pump that is both frictionless and secure. Traditional mobile payment methods aren’t enough, and they require costly hardware upgrades on top of what’s required to update dispensers to meet current EMV requirements.

With LISNR®, you can provide a seamless customer experience that also drives traffic into the store.

Provide a Frictionless Experience From Pump to Store

As a retailer with a gas station or c-store, customers expect you to offer convenience. When they stop for gas, they’re in a hurry. When they walk into your c-store, they want to “get in and get out.” Their overall experience depends on how fast they can get what they want, pay and get back on the road.

Provide a frictionless loyalty and payment experience with contactless mobile payment.

LISNR® enables fuel retailers to offer contactless mobile payment to customers using ultrasonic data transmission or data-over-sound. Your customers can pay using your LISNR-powered, retailer-owned mobile wallet both in-store and at the pump using LISNR® Zone or Point solutions.

Improve the pay-at-the-pump experience by giving customers the option to pay from the driver’s seat.

Send Proximity-Based Notifications Via Sound

LISNR® enables you to drive gas pumping customers into your store with promotional messaging sent straight to their mobile devices. Notifications include personalized offers based on user data collected straight from the mobile app such as purchase history and customer loyalty data. Customers receive their personalized notifications as soon as they arrive at the pump.

Drive gas pumping, customers, instore with promotional messaging.

Reduce gas pump fraud by providing payments via mobile devices.

Why Choose LISNR® for Your Gas Station?

LISNR® uses standard speakers, microphones, and software to transmit data via sound in the form of micro-communications. It’s secure, completely scalable, and hardware-agnostic, removing the need for costly hardware installation. LISNR® provides:

Eliminate costs associated with card-not-present transactions while taking advantage of a more favorable fee structure.
Reduce the potential for pump fraud by implementing mobile payment. LISNR® transmits data using industry-standard security and encryption methods. Customers generate tones on devices and send encrypted data creating secure communication between devices.
LISNR® offers mobile payment functionality for both close-range and large-range data transmission, for in-store and pay-at-the-pump.
Experience a more seamless and efficient authentication experience due to LISNR’s full range and control.

Discover how you can deliver frictionless customer experiences at the pump with LISNR’s ultrasonic data platform, an easy and proven way to drive traffic from the forecourt into the c-store.

Experience LISNR® by Requesting a Demo

LISNR® enables fuel and c-store retailers to provide fast and secure mobile payments resulting in the enhanced experience customers deserve. Speak with a LISNR® team member today to learn how you can take advantage of increased customer loyalty and higher-margin transactions in-store.

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