LISNR enables contactless authentication up to 6 feet keeping transactions safe & verified.

The coronavirus has forever changed how physical storefronts operate. As retailers are evolving to meet new demands, curbside pickup has quickly become the safe, low-contact, pickup alternative, to getting all you need.

Commerce experiences like curbside checkout don’t currently use a standard contactless proximity authentication method like QR or NFC due to the perceived friction or the required distance in the experience. Merchants and application providers currently incur a higher cost with these types of transactions due to the lack of an authentication method at fulfillment.

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Key Benefits Of LISNR®

LISNR® is an SDK that enables secure transmission between devices.

Range: Distance &
Consumer Safety

Flexibility: Customization
& Control

Experience: Universal
& Consistent

How LISNR Works

LISNR is an SDK that enables secure transmission between devices. LISNR’s ultrasonic solution allows for the store representative and consumer to be authenticated seamlessly within range, alleviating friction and human error.

LISNR Solution Features

Broad Device Support

Universal Speaker & Microphone Compatibility
Major Market Mobile Devices Verified

App Level Control

Complete Software Control Of Data Transmission
Payload; UX/UI; Permission; Encryption; Offline

Full Duplex

Send & Receive Data Simultaneously
Always Robust Regardless Of Path Or Device

Experience LISNR’s Ultrasonic Technology in Action

Retailers are looking for a different way to authenticate a persons’ presence to help combat consumer issues. Whether it’s BOPIS, curbside checkout, in-store pickup or mobile checkout, we provide a secure and simple way to verify fulfillment.

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