Payment & authentication experiences across auto, transportation & ticketing

Delivery Verification

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Trip Verification

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Access Control

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We enable universal device usage, allowing client control of the experience, transport layer & business model.


Performance range can be limited to a few centimeters or increased to many meters with best in class transmission reliability & confirmation.


Faster & more seamless authentication experiences enabled with the combination of range and experience control.


Flexibility to support encryption, cryptography, key exchange alongside full duplex, multi-channel features, we can enable the most secure transmission method.


We enable transmission across all mobile devices, embedded platforms, and infotainment systems via simple software update

Device Support

We certify broad devices across certain markets and use cases to ensure and guarantee performance standards.

Want To Create A Dynamic And Customized Driving Experience?

Learn how Jaguar Land Rover seamlessly connected cars and devices via LISNR’s ultrasonic, data over audio solution.