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LISNR is the world’s leading data-over-sound innovator.

Radius is engineered and developed by LISNR sound experts to communicate and authenticate data in payment, mobility, and other proximity applications using ultrasonic sound. An application embedded with the Radius SDK initiates transmission from a device’s speaker. The signal is detected by the microphone on a receiving device, and the Radius SDK demodulates the data and performs the specified authentication or communication function.

Radius, The Original Data-Over-Sound Solution

LISNR’s Radius platform consists of 3 core optimizations to deliver close-, mid-, or long-range transmissions. The acoustic performance of Radius can be further customized to achieve business and technical objectives based on four tuning characteristics: Direction, Speed (or Throughput), Distance, and Motion.

LISNR Radius

Able to transmit data over sound across short-, mid-, and long-range between virtually any two hardware devices with speakers and microphones.