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Why Sound?

Software vs. Hardware

Data-over-sound is a software solution that can be implemented and executed across all operating systems and devices, allowing for advantages in cross-device flexibility. It exists as a simple software, whether integrated directly into a mobile application, website, or embedded system.


The limits of range between devices are a product of audio type, amplitude/volume, and power. Sound bypasses the physical limitations of short-range radio based protocols.

Better Consumer Experience

As a software and sound technology, data-over-audio enables a seamless and consistent consumer experience, regardless of the operating system or manufacturer of the consumer's device.

System-wide Cost Advantages

As a sound software, the best data-over-sound solution can be played and received using the standard speakers and microphones across the entire ecosystem of sound. This results in more cost-efficient deployment and lifecycle management because devices can transmit data across devices bypassing performance and cost disadvantages of RF.

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