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Cincinnati Trivia

Ready to Test Your Knowledge About Our Quirky City?

Here are 22 facts about Cincinnati, Ohio for our Cincinnati trivia aficionados.

  1. Skyline Chili Magic

    Our chili is a cinnamon-spiced hug in a bowl!

  2. Baseball’s Heartbeat

    The Cincinnati Reds were originally the “Cincinnati Red Stockings.”

  3. Oktoberfest Extravaganza

    Outside Germany, our Oktoberfest is the biggest, beeriest, bratwurstiest!

  4. Animal Kingdom Stars

    At Cincinnati Zoo, Fiona the hippo is practically royalty. Selfies, anyone?

  5. Musical Majesty

    Our Music Hall isn’t just historic; it’s a symphony of architecture.

  6. Weather Wizards

    First US city with a weather bureau – we predict fun ahead!

  7. Spielberg’s Roots

    Filmmaker legend Spielberg originally phoned home to Cincinnati, his birthplace.

  8. Historic Charm

    The Over-the-Rhine district is a time-traveling adventure.

  9. Beer Tales Underground

    Those brewery tunnels? They’re Cincinnati’s subterranean beer diaries.

  10. Bridge to Fame

    Our Roebling Suspension Bridge was the Brooklyn Bridge’s practice run.

  11. Flying Pigs Rule

    Not just a saying here – our Flying Pig Marathon is a hoot!

  12. Ice Cream Heaven

    Graeter’s Ice Cream started here. Black Raspberry Chip, anyone?

  13. Spooky Stories

    Ghosts in Music Hall? Some say the violin’s not the only thing echoing.

  14. Art Inside Out

    The Cincinnati Art Museum is like a treasure chest, but bigger and free!

  15. Jungle Jim’s International Market

    It’s shopping meets a global food safari!

  16. Cincinnati Observatory

    Stargazing in the city? We’ve got a telescope for that.

  17. Queen City’s Crown

    Ever wonder why Cincinnati’s the “Queen City”? It’s our regal charm!

  18. Underground Railroad Gateway

    Our city played a heroic role in history’s freedom story.

  19. Mount Adams Steps

    It’s not just a climb; it’s a stairway with a view.

  20. Big Joe’s Big Tale

    Our ‘Big Joe’ bell, hanging in St. Frances, is a giant in more ways than one!

  21. Jazz City

    Once, we had more jazz musicians per capita than anywhere else. Jazz in our soul.

  22. HQ for LISNR

    That’s right! LISNR, the leading global ultrasonic proximity platform, was founded here in 2012.

Which Cincinnati trivia surprised you? Keep exploring, keep wondering, and remember: there’s always more to Cincinnati!

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