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Eric Allen

CEO & President

Eric Allen is LISNR’s CEO, responsible for leading our team and assisting with the growth of our company. With over 30 years of experience in the software technology field, Eric has been an integral part of fulfilling LISNR’s mission for over five years.

Focused on LISNR’s Key Goals & Objectives

For LISNR® to deliver real results to our clients, we must have a strong team. Day in and day out, Eric focuses his time on aligning our team with critical key goals and objectives. As a result, we’re able to continuously provide innovative solutions to solve our clients’ mobile payment and customer experience concerns.

Working to Understand & Solve Customer Experience Problems

Each client we serve has unique challenges associated with their payment processes and customer engagement. Passionate about solving these challenges, Eric believes the best way to address them is to first understand. He uses his expertise to work with clients to create a solution via LISNR® that helps them attain their goals. As a result, our clients experience increased customer satisfaction, leading to increased sales and revenue.

Over 20 Years of Experience in Innovation & Leadership

Eric brings to LISNR® over 20 years of experience in innovation and executive leadership in a wide range of areas, including strategy, marketing, operations and business development. Before being a part of LISNR®, Eric served Gracenote as the SVP. General Manager of Music, Auto and Addressability, as well as the SVP of Professional Service. Over the years, he has also worked with other successful and innovative organizations such as Gravity Mobile, Retailigence Corporation, mobilQ, Itochu Technology and Dijit. Eric’s leadership and expertise helped secure two Emmy’s, one in Interactive TV and the other in Interactive TV Advertisement. With two sons, 12 and 9, and as the CEO of a start-up, Eric admits that he doesn’t have much spare time. Yet, he’s inspired daily by the wins he helps our clients receive, pushing him forward.

Let’s Solve Your Customer Experience Challenges Together

Eric and our entire team are dedicated to helping retailers across the globe enhance their customer experience via the innovative, ultrasonic technology available through LISNR®. If you’re ready to solve your customer experience challenges, reach out to LISNR® today. Give us a call at 513-322-8400 or send us a message.