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WizarPOS partners with LISNR to enable proximity payments globally.

Cincinnati, Ohio

WizarPOS, the global leader in Android POS terminals, kiosks and biometric enabled devices has partnered with LISNR to enable their proximity solutions across all devices. This strategic partnership aims to service industries such as mobility, transit, retail, hospitality, traditional and emerging industries that improve customer experiences. 

As the demand for proximity payments increases, expected to hit $46.80 Billion by 2030, this partnership is set to catalyze LISNR’s overall goal of providing a complete, end to end solution to their growing customer base globally.

Recently awarded the OmniPay certificate provided by Fiserv for their flagship mobile POS, Q2 & Q3, WizarPOS looks to continue riding the momentum garnered by those two devices, which currently sits at over 2-million unit shipments on five different continents.

“Dedicated to enabling smart payments is core to WizarPOS’s mission. Partnering with LISNR and being able to integrate their proximity solutions will allow us to empower our global customer base with a frictionless user experience.” – Kaishen Zhu, Founder, WizarPOS

This partnership will allow mobility platforms, transit operators, merchants and other sectors to easily be able to tap into all capabilities without any additional capex investment. 

“WizarPOS is known for their commitment to empowering secure, contactless, and future-proof payments globally. Their suite of devices will allow for a LISNR enabled solution across payment, identity and authentication experiences. By partnering with LISNR, WizarPOS will be able to continue their trailblazing in the growing proximity solution space.” – Eric Allen, CEO, LISNR 

About WizarPos 

WizarPOS, the trailblazer in Android POS terminal technology, is committed to empowering secure, future-proof, and scalable payment solutions worldwide. Carrying Android DNA without legacies, the WizarPOS team debuted the world’s first wireless POS device under PCI v1.3 in 2005. Designing and enabling Android merchant payment ecosystems from devices, SDK, and TMS to SaaS solutions, WizarPOS has shipped over 2 million units of Android-based payment devices worldwide. Visit for details.


LISNR’s proximity solutions ensure secure, seamless and contactless data transfer. Powered by a ubiquitous device & OS platform, LISNR’s non-captive near-field association provides proof-present authentication enabled through proximity tokens. From entry validation to payments and fulfillment, LISNR empowers merchant micro-moments across the customer journey. Headquartered in Cincinnati, LISNR is currently deployed in 8 countries via multiple global partners. LISNR powers transactions and connects the online to offline customer journey globally with the most advanced near Ultrasonic Data Platform. Founded in 2012, LISNR’s major investors include Visa, Intel, Jump Capital, Mercury Fund, R/GA, and Synchrony Financial. To learn more about the LISNR technology visit: or email