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Spendwisor Partners with LISNR on Ultrasonic Authentication for Contactless Payments Across Qatar

Las Vegas, Nevada

Spendwisor, a leading payment and financial service company in Qatar, has inked a partnership with LISNR, the global leader in proximity verification, to enable contactless ultrasonic authentication as it expands its consumer and merchant product features. 

The collaboration between Spendwisor and LISNR is LISNR’s first major partnership within the Fintech space in Qatar. The relationship between LISNR’s ultrasonic payment capabilities and Spendwisor’s unique mobile wallet and loyalty program will enable both sides to interact with merchants and consumers, eager for a frictionless experience. 

LISNR’s ultrasonic proximity verification solution will be enabled across Spendwisor’s ecosystem for consumers to pay merchants and redeem loyalty incentives. As all eyes are on Qatar for the 2022 World Cup this November, the rampant release of the joint solution will readily be available as both sides experience strong growth in 2022.

“We are excited to incorporate LISNR into the Spendwisor consumer and merchant apps. We are leveraging their technology for contactless payments alongside our softPOS technology. This is an exciting partnership because consumers can now pay at a merchant in a frictionless, digital manner while connecting their payment to our loyalty platform at the time of transaction. We will be able to sign up and scale merchants quickly and efficiently without the need for QR code scanners or NFC readers as they will be able to leverage the native speakers and microphones that our softPOS sits on. Our partnership with LISNR will give us a strong advantage in attaining our goal of 1,000 merchants in the next 6 months by offering yet another easy, contactless, and seamless way to make payments and drive loyalty with our customers” – Safarudheen Farook, Co-Founder & CEO, Spendwisor

As the MENA fintech region continues to grow (valued at over $2 trillion), Spendwisor aims to be the regions’ leader in digital transformation and contactless payments. Having raised $35 million YTD in SSF debt facility, it’s crucial that its ability to scale up to merchants and consumers is met alongside an innovative and transformative proximity payment solution.

“Qatar is an exciting market for us to join and Spendwisor is a great partner for us to launch with us. The Spendwisor team communicated to us that LISNR’s ability to outperform current modalities, QR code and NFC, will enable its merchants and consumers to create a frictionless and seamless customer journey, all while gaining loyalty from entry to exit. With our easy to implement solution and our proven savings for merchants, we’re well positioned to help Spendwisor in their goal of scaling to 1,000 merchants by year end.” -Eric Allen, CEO, LISNR

About Spendwisor

Spendwisor, a Fintech startup focused on mobile payments and loyalty program solutions, is focused on providing a mobile wallet, mobile POS, and innovative loyalty program solutions tailored for the Qatar retail industry. By redefining the retail ecosystem through innovative business to customer marketing, Spendwisor transforms the ecosystem by providing an innovative digital platform that accepts mobile payments and rewards shoppers with points and cashback. Founded in 2020, Spendwisor works with a variety of merchants from small local establishments to international brands. To learn more about Spendwisor and the service they provide, visit:


LISNR’s proximity solutions ensure secure, seamless and contactless data transfer. Powered by a ubiquitous device & OS platform, LISNR’s non-captive near-field association provides proof-present authentication enabled through proximity tokens. From entry validation to payments and fulfillment, LISNR empowers merchant micro-moments across the customer journey. Headquartered in Cincinnati, LISNR is currently deployed in 8 countries via multiple global partners. LISNR powers transactions and connects the online to offline customer journey globally with the most advanced near Ultrasonic Data Platform. Founded in 2012, LISNR’s major investors include Visa, Intel, Jump Capital, Mercury Fund, R/GA, and Synchrony Financial. To learn more about the LISNR technology visit: or email