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Shuttl Launches Ultrasonic Boarding Solution With LISNR

Today, LISNR, the global leader in ultrasonic contactless proximity verification, announced its launch with Shuttl, India’s largest office commute service provider, to enable their contactless mobile boarding solution. LISNR’s ultrasonic “data-over-sound” software enables “Person Present” authentication and verification for transactions across mobility and retail commerce experiences. These transactions normally rely on outdated tactile methods such as paper or QR codes. Providers may even look to other wireless methods like BLE/NFC but are at a cost and integration disadvantage compared to LISNR due to the specified hardware requirements of BLE/NFC.

Shuttl, a long-time leader in seamless and contactless mobility boarding experiences, required a solution that not only keeps both driver and rider safe but also is capable of handling spikes in usage all the while maintaining a quick and reliable boarding process. The “scale of authentication” due to the sheer volume of daily rides, concurrent riders, and simultaneous boarding, required a technology that has the capability to manage and improve the way we travel. “Real-world use” meaning that in a busy & noisy environment, like a crowded bus stop, the solution works reliably and efficiently as possible. Moving from a previous provider to LISNR’s market-leading inaudible technology added a much-coveted advantage in consumer experience and overall robustness. LISNR’s ultrasonic solution checked all the boxes.

“An ‘assured seat’ is one of our key offerings for consumers and it makes accurate boarding authentication in noisy on-road conditions critical to our business. LISNR has proved to be a reliable solution for our need and scale.” – Vivek Surie, Chief Business Officer, Shuttl

Backed by Amazon, Toyota & Sequoia, amongst others, Shuttl operates over 1,300 buses and more than 350 routes in 9 cities in India and other countries, Shuttl is quickly becoming the de-facto commuter busing platform in their region as they quickly expand both nationally and internationally.

“Shuttl is the premier office shuttle service in all of India. They very much understood the importance of ultrasonic as an invaluable means of touchless authentication. We’re excited to partner with them as they continue to expand their international footprint”. – Eric Allen, CEO, LISNR

As the mobility and travel sector comes back in 2021, it’s more important than ever for authentication mediums to be seamless, efficient, and touchless. The pandemic ushered in a new type of consumer that expects a top-notch user experience enabled by contactless technologies that ensure their safety (at a distance) throughout every point of authentication, from check-in to check-out. Consumer tendencies are starting to shift from incumbent brands with antiquated solutions to agile and innovative brands that offer a solution for today’s mobility sector, one that seamlessly integrates a delightful consumer experience with secure and touchless authentication.

This is LISNR’s 3rd announcement with leading companies launching outside of the US in the past 4 months and coincides with the global use of LISNR in the financial service industry across Africa and Asia. LISNR is seeing demand increase for its contactless solution across Africa, Asia, and South America as QR code solutions are oversaturated, cumbersome, and unsafe, as McAffee has listed QR codes as a top cybersecurity threat for 2021. As feature phone usage remains high, NFC growth has paused in some of these markets despite the demand for a better wireless solution. Heading into the “new normal” for mobility as a sector, LISNR believes this demand will continue to increase as they position themselves as the de-facto contactless standard.

LISNR’s ultrasonic ‘data-over-sound’ technology enables contactless proximity verification and authentication across commerce experiences for merchants, financial service providers, and mobility companies. Today, multiple Fortune 100 companies trust LISNR to power data transmission & authentication between devices. Founded in 2012, LISNR is located in Oakland, CA, and Cincinnati, OH. Major investors include Visa, Intel, Jump Capital, NTT DOCOMO Ventures, Mercury Fund, R/GA, and Synchrony Financial. To learn more about the LISNR technology visit: or email

About Shuttl
Founded in 2015, Shuttl is India’s largest office commute service provider. With a mission of solving the pain of commute, Shuttl offers a space-efficient, safe, and cost-effective solution for urban India.