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New Multimodal Mobility Solution from LISNR and Meep

LISNR and Meep Release Ultrasonic Ticketing Validation Solution for Mobility

Enhancing Seamless Travel Experiences with Advanced BIBO Technology

CINCINNATI, June 13, 2024 — LISNR and Meep are excited to announce their latest collaboration, an advanced ultrasonic ticketing validation solution for “Be In, Be Out” (BIBO). Building on their partnership announced last year, this innovative solution aims to enhance the multimodal travel experience by providing seamless boarding and efficient ticket validation, benefiting both transport operators and users.

Transforming Multimodal Travel

For transport operators, the LISNR x Meep solution provides a flexible cost structure, advanced security through encryption and cryptography, and efficient management with full control over data transmission. Thanks to high transmission reliability, users enjoy fast and contactless boarding, compatibility with all types of fares, and a frictionless experience. Additionally, the solution promotes eco-friendly transportation by reducing the need for additional hardware.

The solution seamlessly integrates with operators’ current fare structures, minimizing the need for significant changes while enhancing fraud prevention and providing precise origin-destination tracking for users. Key features include pre-purchased ticket validation to prevent duplicates and fraud, offline data transmission, BIBO for seamless entry and exit, hop-on hop-off validation with dynamic fares, bidirectional transmission and reception, real-time ticket validation, and fast signal recognition.

Next Generation Solution for Integrated BIBO Technology

“Be In – Be Out” (BIBO) is an innovative fare collection solution that detects a customer’s presence through their device and calculates the fare based on the duration of their presence. Unlike contact or contactless cards, BIBO allows customers to board and exit vehicles or transit systems without interacting with a ticketing system, enabling seamless movement through stations, platforms, and carriages without delays.

“The partnership between LISNR and Meep is driven by our shared commitment to solving the complex challenges associated with Be In, Be Out (BIBO) ticketing,” said Eric Allen, CEO of LISNR. “By combining our expertise in ultrasonic proximity technology with Meep’s proficiency in multimodal mobility solutions, we are delivering a seamless and secure travel experience that addresses the needs of both transport operators and passengers.”

LISNR powers secure and seamless data transmission in over 100 countries using sound for proximity verification, proximity marketing, and transaction verifications. Its ultrasonic SDK challenges conventional methods like Bluetooth, NFC, and QR codes, offering a versatile, offline alternative requiring no special hardware. By converging offline and online experiences, LISNR’s technology is a critical component of digital transformation initiatives in urban mobility, retail, financial services, digital identity, and hospitality. For more information, visit

Meep creates intelligent, sustainable mobility ecosystems that transform urban travel. More than just technology, Meep acts as the catalyst for humane and efficient transportation. It harnesses data and advanced analytics to provide actionable insights, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making for multimodal route planning and unified payment systems. This empowers cities and transport operators to deliver a more connected and accessible future for every traveler. For more information, visit