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LISNR Unveils Radius 3.0, Redefining Omni-Experiences with Ultrasonic Proximity Technology

Groundbreaking Features and Multi-Channel Engagement Propel LISNR’s Data-Over-Sound Technology to New Heights

CINCINNATI – June 19, 2024 – LISNR, the leader in data-over-sound technology, announces the launch of Radius 3.0, the latest version of its innovative SDK. This upgrade enhances proximity verification, transaction security, and proximity marketing, making LISNR the first SDK and modality to overcome single-thread limitations and deliver a true omni-experience.

“With Radius 3.0, we are the first modality to support true omnichannel experiences both on and offline,” said Eric Allen, CEO of LISNR. “Traditional solutions rely on single-thread interactions and continuous HTTP access, posing security risks. Radius 3.0 facilitates multi-engagement verification, crucial for personalization, and opens opportunities for proximity detection, dynamic content delivery, and more secure transactions.”

Radius 3.0 Highlights

Expanded Use Cases:

  • Proximity Marketing – Personalize the on-prem customer journey with or without the Internet, enhancing user experience and fraud control with robust tone security
  • Proximity Verification – Determine user presence for secure identification and personalized experiences within a zone or region
  • Transaction Verification – Efficiently and securely authenticate transactions and user authorization

Advanced Features:

  • ToneLock™ – Assign a UUID so only intended receivers can demodulate Radius Tone payloads
  • Multi-Channel Transmission – Use up to three distinct channels for robust, simultaneous communication
  • Enhanced Tone Profiles – Scale proximity detection and data transmissions from near-field to long-range applications
  • Optimized User Experience – Includes callbacks and volume-locking features

Radius 3.0 sets a new standard for proximity data. LISNR has processed nearly 100 million transactions in over 100 countries and is consistently recognized as a best-in-class mobile technology provider with over 50 awards. The Radius 3.0 release demonstrates LISNR’s commitment to innovating solutions for the evolving data needs of a wide variety of industries worldwide.



LISNR powers secure and seamless data transmission using sound for proximity verification, proximity marketing, and transaction verifications. Its ultrasonic SDK challenges conventional methods like Bluetooth, NFC, and QR codes, offering a versatile, offline alternative requiring no special hardware. By converging offline and online experiences, LISNR’s technology is a critical component of digital transformation initiatives in urban mobility, retail, financial services, digital identity, and hospitality. For more information, visit