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LISNR Announces Partnership with Global IT Services Provider Cycloides

Oakland, Calif. – August 14, 2018 – LISNR, the world’s most advanced ultrasonic data platform and Cycloides, a global information technology company today announced a partnership to meet the increased demand for ultrasonic data solutions across the payments and customer journey landscape.

Connecting to customers and providing them with a frictionless path to purchase is the ultimate goal of almost any retailer. That road is unfortunately fraught with many roadblocks not easily overcome. Whether it’s following a customer from online to offline, connecting to their device without knowing its configuration or securely passing an encrypted credit card, finding a solution to enable that communication consistently is difficult at best. Enter sound.

Using ultrasonic data transmission companies can quickly, inexpensively and at scale create a more frictionless experience for their customers from research to purchase. LISNR has created a proprietary software solution for encoding data into inaudible “tones”, which are transmitted and received using standard speakers and microphones across a multitude of devices. This all happens at a much lower cost than hardware based solutions like NFC, Bluetooth or WiFI.

“We are proud to be an implementation partner of LISNR as it enables us to offer new and innovative solutions to our customers globally”, said Anil AR, CEO Cycloides Inc. “With LISNR’s proprietary ultrasonic protocol our global customers will have access to proximity engagement, secure methods of authentication and device to device data transmission. This is going to be a defining moment for us both and the beginning of a long-standing business relationship.”

“With several major customers under our belt, we believe the ultrasonic market is reaching a critical mass”, said Eric Allen, President LISNR. “In order to keep up with demand, we believe it’s important to find the right partners who can supply hardware solutions at scale and our partnership with Cycloides is a significant step toward allowing for this both in North America and developing markets.”


LISNR powers transactions and connects the online to offline customer journey globally with the most advanced Ultrasonic Data Platform. Originally developed as a device independent method of communicating short messages to consumers, the software solution inserts, then extracts data using inaudible tones through standard speakers and microphones. Today, companies like Jaguar Land Rover, Ticketmaster, Visa and more use this solution to create frictionless applications for consumers around the world. Founded in 2012, LISNR has over 40 employees and offices in California and Ohio. Major investors include Intel, Jump Capital, Mercury Fund, R/GA, and Synchrony Financial. To learn more about the LISNR technology visit: or email

About Cycloides, Inc.

Cycloides Inc. is a global information technology company headquartered in Canada and works with ambitious ideas and missions. The company aims to become the best global application outsourcing company through its vertical industry capabilities, service execution, delivery excellence and account management and governance skills. Cycloides Inc. is incorporated under Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA), A software company positioning itself to become the most successful product development and consultancy company across diverse industry verticals like social media, e-commerce, telecom and industrial automation. For more information call +1 905-361-6441 or visit :


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