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LISNR® and Diconium Partner to Deliver Data-Over-Sound Solutions in European Markets

Diconium Adds LISNR® Technology to Their Innovation Toolkit

Barcelona/Berlin (February 27, 2018) – LISNR®, the leading global provider of data-over-audio, announced today that it has signed a strategic partnership with Diconium, Germany’s largest independent digital business and technology company, as their solution design and implementation partner for European markets.

This partnership between LISNR® and Diconium is a natural fit. Diconium’s best in class solutions are being leveraged by some of the leading German, Austrian and Swiss companies in a multitude of industries. The goal of this alliance is to develop and implement data-over-sound solution that creates a new dimension in existing customer experiences and a new level of operational excellence.

Eric Allen, President of LISNR® says, “LISNR has been revolutionizing device connectivity in many industries worldwide. Partnering with Diconium will help LISNR® gain more access and awareness into the European market and its consumers. We look forward to working together to provide transformational solutions for companies interested in investing in emerging technologies.”

Globally, the data-over-sound solution for device connectivity is influencing the transformation of many day-to-day tasks such as ticketing, payment, and authentication. The enthusiasm of the partnership reciprocated by the Diconium team.

“We are happy to join forces with the LISNR team. Entering this strategic partnership with a cutting-edge technology company like LISNR is an essential building block in our 360° digital innovation portfolio, which includes established players like SAP Hybris, IBM or Adobe, and the world-leading research labs of Stanford Research Institute (SRI). This helps us in serving the growing demand for data-over-audio solutions to companies in Germany and Europe on a local base”, says Andreas Schwend, Co-Founder of Diconium.

About LISNR®
LISNR® is recognized as the leading, global provider of data-over-audio technology. LISNR®’s proprietary near-ultrasonic protocol is being used across the connected world to power over 100 million devices and counting.

Founded in 2012, LISNR®’s near-ultrasonic protocol sends data-over-audio to enable proximity engagement, seamless, and secure methods of authentication, and device-to-device data transmission for connectivity and automation.

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About Diconium
As Germany’s largest independent digital business and technology company, diconium helps companies to digitize customer relationships, products, services and contents. The company serves companies and brands as an advisor along the process of digital transformation, as well as a builder of digital businesses.

To learn more about diconium digital solutions visit: