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LISNR, Aloompa Announce Multi-Year Partnership Bringing Mobile-Based Synchronized Moments to Fans

CINCINNATI – LISNR, leading data-over-audio technology provider, has announced a multi-year partnership with Aloompa to bring proximity-based mobile messaging and synchronized moments to fans of live events.

Aloompa, a Nashville-based technology company, helps event producers, brands and others provide a better live event experience through the use of mobile apps, data & analytics and sponsorship focused features and is a leading provider of turnkey, best-in-class mobile applications for music, food, conference, sport and community focused events in the United States and internationally. Aloompa powers more than 250 events annually including Coachella, X Games, Bonnaroo and the LA Marathon. Their event application, FestApp provides real-time location based data to users, helping them navigate events, and maximize their experience. In addition to the event app solution, Aloompa offers a proximity platform called Presence to manage and generate location-based content for fans and provide event producers deep insight into audience behavior. With the addition of LISNR Smart Tones technology, the Presence platform expands to include synchronized moments, offline communication and moment-based merchandise sales.

“At Aloompa, we are constantly striving to improve our platform offering to fans and event producers. In many cases, those improvements and innovations are delivered by finding, vetting and implementing the right partners,” said Drew Burchfield, Co-Founder at Aloompa. “We believe that audio as a communication protocol offers many advantages to our customers, and LISNR has proven their value as the leading solution in the market.”

LISNR brings unparalleled engagement to each individual fan at live events by leveraging the event’s existing sound system to deliver experiences to fans. Festivals and events can immediately push relevant content to smart devices through high frequency, inaudible Smart Tones™ that can be played by any speaker and picked up by any enabled device. Using LISNR, the festival or event can create synchronized in-venue moments, deliver exclusive promotions in-store and bring broadcast viewers into the event experience.

“LISNR was originally founded on the passion of music enthusiasts several years ago and we are extremely honored to have the opportunity to partner with Aloompa,” said Chris Ostoich, Co-Founder and head of Partnerships at LISNR. “They are clearly the leader in providing mobile-content to fans at music, food, sports and community events & festivals across the country. We are excited that LISNR will now be offered to assist in powering that memorable moment the fan will never forget.”

Aloompa LLC, a Nashville-based technology company helps event producers, brands and others provide a better live event experience through the use of mobile apps, data & analytics and sponsorship focused features. The company’s industry-leading methodology around the use of proximity sensors on-site allows for delivery of targeted messaging and provides rich behavioral analytics.

Founded in 2012, LISNR is the creator of Smart Tones™, a new communication protocol for sending data over audio. LISNR transmits customizable packets of data every second, enabling proximity data transmission, second-screen functionality, authentication and device-to-device connectivity on any LISNR-enabled device. For more information, visit