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CodeZero Launches New Digital Identity Card Powered By LISNR Ultrasonic Technology

Strategically tailored for the “new normal”, CodeZero’s future identity card pushes the envelope to what a business card can be. In one easy to access portal, a company can upload, design and digitize their corporate profile, brochures, and even an entire sales kit, saving time, cost, and the environment. An employee can be onboarded and assigned their own digital business card containing their marketing collateral all in a matter of clicks. The employee can then easily share or exchange their digital business card with their networks ensuring the best and most consistent first impression.

Looking for a market solution to help combat digital identity spoofing & enable contactless authentication, CodeZero recognized LISNR’s ultrasonic technology as the safest and most seamless data transfer and authentication medium. After a failed search to find a viable ultrasonic solution before this, CodeZero had to revert to using a QR Code until eventually discovering LISNR as a more suitable technology for touchless authentication at regulated safe distances. They are looking to eventually replace their QR Code solution entirely with LISNR’s ultrasonic technology as they see the advantages of ultrasonic data transfer playing a crucial role as they expand their product offerings as well.

“The global pandemic accelerated the speed of our adoption of technology and digital services and this brings with it a whole new host of challenges, one of which is the integrity and authenticity of an individual’s digital identity. Only by addressing this issue can we move forward with other digital implementations practically. CodeZero is ardent in providing our solution to this issue, and with this collaboration with LISNR, that enables us to transfer genuine and trustworthy data securely and seamlessly between two different parties, we believe we are headed in the right direction.” – Steve Koh, CEO of CodeZero.

“There is a growing problem in digital identity fraud that CodeZero is thoughtfully looking to combat. Striving to be the de-facto identity card of the future, they realized they needed to partner with a company like LISNR that could align with their needs for contactless and secure authentication and verification for its quickly growing user base. We look forward to working with them as they continue to expand on their vision.” – Eric Allen, CEO of LISNR.

In the “new normal” where contactless methods of exchange are expected, LISNR is proving to be one of the safest and most seamless options for companies as shown in this partnership with CodeZero. With multiple different feature enhancements in the pipeline for their digital identity card such as AccessCards for individuals to access their home or office, MembershipCards for merchants to create loyalty programs for their customers, and EventCards where individuals or organizations can create digital invitation cards to events, CodeZero will continue to collaborate with LISNR to expand the adoption data transfer and authentication via secure ultrasonic technology.

About LISNR:
LISNR’s ultrasonic ‘data-over-sound’ technology enables contactless proximity verification and authentication across commerce experiences for merchants, financial service providers, and mobility companies. Today, multiple Fortune 100 companies trust LISNR to power data transmission & authentication between devices. Founded in 2012, LISNR is located in Oakland, CA and Cincinnati, OH. Major investors include Visa, Intel, Jump Capital, NTT DOCOMO Ventures, Mercury Fund, R/GA, and Synchrony Financial. To learn more about the LISNR technology visit: or email

About CodeZero:
CodeZero is a technology company based in Malaysia offering a digital platform to connect people and businesses called ZERO BrandCard, with the vision of conserving the environment and reducing waste. With over 700 businesses in South East Asia from SMEs to MNCs using ZERO BrandCard as their digital business card platform within a year of its release, CodeZero continues to create awareness of a corporation’s impact on the environment while offering them a practical alternative. Visit to learn more.