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The World's Most Advanced Data-Over-Sound SDK.

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Contactless Authentication
For The Speed of Life

LISNR's Radius SDK enables proximity verification & contactless transactions, including offline data transmission, for payments and financial service providers, merchants, mobility companies, and other proximity applications worldwide.



Flexibility to support favorable transaction fee and cost structures in payment experiences due to security & control.


Faster and more seamless authentication experiences enabled with the combination of range and experience control.


Flexibility to support encryption, cryptography, key exchange alongside full duplex, multi-channel features, we can enable the most secure transmission method.


Customizable performance range from a few centimeters to many meters with best in class transmission reliability and confirmation.


Our clients have complete control of their data transmission experience based on their transport layer and business model.

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Innovation, Inspiration, Collaboration

Fortune 100 companies across millions of devices and use cases worldwide have entrusted LISNR to transmit data over sound and develop break through POCs leveraging LISNR's global patent portfolio with the earliest filing of any comparable data-over-sound solution.

  • "LISNR continues to deliver new ways to use data-over-audio to support payments and other financial services use cases, and we’re excited to explore this technology with them."

    - Neeraj Mehta, Executive Vice President, Business Strategy and Development at Synchrony Financial
  • "Lisnr is one of the most compelling technologies we've seen in this space, and we believe working with them will bring us closer to our goals of complete car and device connectivity."

    - Danielle Alexander, General Manager at Jaguar Land Rover
  • "LISNR customer support is exceptional, as their technology is truly differentiated."

    - Gurudeep Singh, Technology Manager & Innovation Leader at IDEMIA
  • "Innovative technology with excellent technical support and attention to detail."

    - Christian De Amorim, Chief Technology Officer at BusUp

Why Merchants Should Own the Payment Micro-Moment

Leading retailers and merchants are placing necessary emphasis on the customer experience from first contact to final purchase. Yet retailers could be missing small moments that have a big impact on the overall customer journey—“micro-moments” that bridge the gap between the online and in-store experience. To take advantage of these micro-moments, retailers must turn to the mobile device to unify the customer experience across multiple touchpoints.