Influence Consumer Intent And Awareness In The Right Context

Proximity Engagement

Most advanced proximity solution that’s easy to integrate and deploy.

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Audience Measurement & Analytics

Boost media effectiveness with real-time data down to the device layer.

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Broadcast Second Screen

The next frontier in second screen engagement is data over audio.

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Digital Signage

Optimize any campaign with the most scalable digital signage solution.

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Identify, Authenticate, and Transmit Using The Internet Of Sound

IoT/Connected Devices

Facilitate seamless communication between technologies & devices.

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Access & Security

Use LISNR to identify, authenticate and grant access according to user permissions.

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LISNR is transforming ticketing and point of sale with the Smart Tone Ticket.

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Payments & Transactions

Authenticate seamless and secure transactions.

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Data Transmission

Transmit Data In Any Environment, Under Any Circumstance

Offline Communication

LISNR is the world’s most advanced offline communication protocol.

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Audio Mesh Network

Relay data using audio as the router.

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Device Automation & Connectivity

Turn any speaker into the ultimate connected device using LISNR.

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