Project Description


Give your guests a seamless ticketing experience

Core Features

Bypass the network using our device-to-device communication feature — enabling offline data transfer. A variety of tone types can be generated, broadcasted, and decoded on any device with our SDK.

The microphone/speaker infrastructure is easier to leverage than the chip/antenna infrastructure. Leverage the hardware already available in most systems, machines, and mobile devices.

LISNR provides a completely seamless and convenient solution for consumers, vendors, and venue owners alike with the innovative Smart Tone Ticket.


Many options available today (bar codes, QR codes, and NFC) have disadvantages. With limited range, connectivity, security, and interoperability these other solutions make for a poor user experience. LISNR offers a simple yet robust solution to authenticate, that works seamlessly across all platforms.

Other mobile solutions carry a high cost to the venue with costly hardware installation and maintenance processes. Check-in devices and scanners can be expensive and come with a variety of restrictions regarding compatibility. With LISNR, vendors and venue owners eliminate the need for laser scanners and NFC enabled devices. Leverage your existing microphone and speaker hardware to turn any device into a cross platform check-in device.

Sponsors, owners, and performers want to know who is attending an event. QR codes offer a huge amount of uncertainty with a one way only transaction. They are tied to a single user but don’t offer a way to validate that user. LISNR offers each venue and event manager a more efficient and effective way to to collect and understand data behind who is coming in and out of any venue at any time. Our tones provide a more dynamic method of authenticating users with a two way transaction.

All smart devices are built with a microphone, no matter the make or model. Unlike NFC, LISNR leverages the current hardware and infrastructure available to all. Our Smart Tones are detected by the device’s existing microphone without servers calls or recording audio like other services.

LISNR enables offline authentication between devices by combining single use tones with metadata and tokenization to ensure a completely secure transmission. Users are also less vulnerable to attacks by eliminating the need for direct contact with another device.


LISNR is transforming ticketing and point of sale with the Smart Tone Ticket.

To remain secure, Smart Tones can be sent and received in a completely offline environment. To further security measures, encryption can be added to LISNR Smart Tones. This data tone can also include user specific data including payment and any other necessary account information.


  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Hospitality
  • Live Events
  • Meetings
  • Transportation
  • Conferences
  • Parking
  • Theatre